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About this Game

Do you love horses? Or are you fascinated by the history of these majestic creatures? From being used in competitions to showcasing their prowess in battle, horses are impressively beautiful animals that epitomize dignity and esteem. If you are crazy about horses, then we have just the game for you. Imagine being able to gather all the exotic horses from all over the world. What if you can create your own horse farm? In this fantastic game, you can. So check out Horse Haven World Adventures. It is an awesome game that lets you build and manage your own exotic farm. Here, you can raise the perfect breeds and let your horses compete in fun steeplechase races and other fun contests.

What to Expect in Horse Haven World Adventures
Would you like to create your dream horse farm? Make it the perfect haven and fill it with exotic breeds from all over the globe. The world of horses is yours in this exciting free to play PC game. So here are some of the cool features of this game.


Create A Horse Haven World Adventures

In Horse Haven World Adventures, you get all the resources you need to make and manage your own dream horse farm. In addition, you get to travel around the world, searching for one majestic horse ranch to another.

From the beautiful ranchos in the Americas to the enchanting valley in Germany; from the picturesque quiet town in England to the charming stud farm in the south of France. The world is your playground to search for the best horses.


Raise The Best Stallions

The free PC game will also let you be up close and personal with the best horses in the world. Also, you can Pet, feed, and groom your beautiful equine friends. Then nurture and help them grow into becoming the best horses in the world.


Breed Over a Hundred Horses

From Arabian to mustangs, from Black Forests to thoroughbreds, Horse Haven World Adventures features a wide array of exotic breeds. Create a stable for your champion breeds.

If you love horses, make and manage your dream stable in Horse Haven World Adventures. Then try some of the latest Casual Games we have for free download, like Homescapes and Hay Day!

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