Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind Best PC Games

Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind


Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind PC Game | Free Download, Desktop

Are you interested in seeing single-celled organisms evolve into more complex beings? Witness the many stages as creatures develop new attributes in this cool educational game. Learn how a minute creature could grow and become bigger living entity. You would not want to miss the opportunity to see how this spectacular process goes. Check out the Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind PC game.


Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind Game Feature

In this awesome simulation game, you will see how organisms can go from being single cells to humans. This is a fun game that will teach you a thing or two about evolution. Are you curious about what happens when you combine two animals? If you want to get a new breed, take two organisms and play with their genetics. See what results lie. Enjoy the process as one-celled creatures become multi-celled animals.

Experiment with the possibilities. Mix and match those genes and see what molecular results will come up. You can test it out on microbes, fish and other sea dwellers, four-legged furry animals, and humans. And if you want to go on a mad-scientist level, experiment with ancient humans and troglodytes. Can’t wait for the long evolutionary process to finish? Use the crystals to make the evolution go faster.

Want to make the study of evolution fun and exciting? Get the Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind download now. Then try some new Arcade Games free to download, like Zombie Tsunami and Snake VS Block!

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