Judgment Day: Angel of God
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Judgement Day Game – Decide Souls’ Afterlife Destiny

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It’s the reckoning day, and it’s time to decide if you’re going for heaven or hell. But you won’t get judged since you will be the one judging. This is what you’ll do in Judgement Day Angel of God, a simulation game where you play as an angel and decide the soul’s afterlife destiny. You decide whether the soul that’s in front of you deserves to go to heaven or they should be sent to hell.

Decide Heaven or Hell in the Afterlife Simulation Game

You will only have one objective on Judgement Day Angel of God: to decide. Get a soul before you and decide whether to send them to heaven or hell. Sounds simple, right? Well, it isn’t. Sometimes good and evil is not always black and white, as there are also many gray areas. Another thing that makes this game challenging is that you’ll be judging famous people.

Another thing about the game is that you will decide the afterlife destiny of some of the well-known characters or people. You get to see more of what they did to help you decide. You’re like a detective master here in Judgement Day Angel of God, where you conduct further investigation on the soul. You don’t just rely on what they’re known for; dig deeper into other things to help you make the right decision.

How You Choose Soul’s Fate on Judgement Day Angel of God

Deciding where to send a soul in Judgement Day, Angel of God, is simple. You click and then drag the soul left for Hell and right for Heaven. But before that, you can click the character first to judge. You’ll have several scenarios or situations the character. You can decide if it’s a good action or a bad action.

Once you’ve seen all the scenarios or situations, it’s time to decide if the soul will go to heaven or hell. The actions you’ve judged will show you if there are more good or evil deeds. Of course, you can also use your knowledge about the character in making your judgment. What’s great about Judgement Day Angel of God, is that you have plenty of ways to judge or interrogate souls.

As you progress, you can put them in a lie detector test to see if they’re lying. The game also features other mini-games related to reckoning day that you can play. It’s an awesome game that’s very fun to play.

Features of Judgement Day Angel of God

  • Decide whether a soul will go to heaven or hell.
  • Interrogate and judge souls to get a clear picture of who they are
  • Acquire new angel skins to use on your character
  • Play different and fun mini-games
  • Judge well-known people and characters

If you enjoy playing this simulation game, check out Stairway To Heaven or Afterlife: Heaven Vs. Hell. Both are fun games where you decide whether a soul goes to heaven or hell.




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