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About this Game

Have you ever wondered what’s waiting for you in the afterlife? Or who decides who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? Or what are the things that one must do to deserve an afterlife in the eternal burning pits of hell or the peaceful paradise of heaven? Say no more! Afterlife: Heaven vs Hell game will put you in the shoes of the Angel of Death. In this game, you get to decide who will be thrown to the fiery gates of hell and who will enter the pearly gates of heaven. As the judgment day comes, the angels of heaven will be depending on you while Satan and the other demons have other plans.

Who Goes Where?

Afterlife: Heaven vs Hell is a story-based game where the outcome of the story will depend entirely on the effects of the decisions that you will make. Keep the souls with you in the afterlife and you will certainly flourish. However, if you lose too many along the way, you’ll get a visit from the Four Surfers of the Apocalypso.

Meet Interesting Characters in Afterlife: Heaven vs Hell

You will meet a lot of interesting characters along the way in Afterlife: Heaven vs Hell. Moreover, you can pick over 200 artistically designed rewards and punishments and give each soul what they deserve. Come and play as the Angel of Death in this offline role-playing adventure game and decide people’s fate.

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