Kleptocats 2
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KleptoCats 2 – An Entertaining Game for Cat Lovers

kleptocats 2 download PC
kleptocats 2 download PC free
kleptocats 2 download full version
kleptocats 2 download free
kleptocats 2 download free PC
kleptocats 2 download PC
kleptocats 2 download PC free
kleptocats 2 download full version
kleptocats 2 download free
kleptocats 2 download free PC

If you’re someone who loves cats, then you will find this game very entertaining. Read on to find out what this game is and how it will satisfy your thirst for adorable cats.

Play with Klepto Cats in KleptoCats 2

Developed by HyperBeard, KleptoCats 2 is a fun casual game where cute and fluffy cats surround you. But don’t let their cuteness fool you, as these are not regular cats—they are klepto cats. They steal all sorts of items and stuff. And it’s not just one cat, as all cats steal random items.

The best thing about these cats is that they have a unique ability. They can travel through different places, worlds, or dimensions using a portal that they can access. Whenever they enter that portal, they will usually come back with odd items given to you. Ultimately, KleptoCats 2 is fun and very easy to play.

How to Play KleptoCats 2

The goal in KleptoCats 2 is very simple—use your cat’s ability to travel anywhere and fill your home with the items that they steal. Doing that is a no-brainer, as you won’t be doing much. Hence, this klepto cat game is playable for kids and non-gamers.

So, here’s how to play the game. As you start off, the first cat you will meet is Guapo. He will be the one to teach you how the whole game works. But essentially, this game requires you to open different portals for the cats to steal items. To open a portal, you need to click the cat. Once the portal is open, you have to click it so the cat will enter.

Once inside the portal, a small window will pop up below to see where your cat went. Besides that, you will also see a timer for you to know how long the cat will stay there. Once the timer is up, it will return with an item for you to place.

Now, keep in mind that cats steal some useless items such as a pinwheel toy or a radio. But they also steal important items that will help you along the way, like gems or bells that will allow you to call the cat back, or even coins, which is an in-game currency.

Aside from sending your cat to steal items, you can also pet them, feed them, and bathe them. Your cat will let you know if they need a bath, are hungry, or require a belly rub.

Basically, that’s how the whole game works. But as you progress further, you’ll discover many interesting things in the game, such as secrets, codes, and more. Download and play the KleptoCats 2 game on PC for free and see more of what this game has to offer.

Know the Fun Features of the Game

Whenever you play the KleptoCats 2 game, you get to enjoy these fantastic features:

  • Easy-to-learn gameplay
  • Summon and collect different cats to help you steal more items.
  • Play with your cat via the mini-games and also earn coins in the process.
  • Be amazed at how cute the cats are.

As a sequel, KleptoCats 2 is more polished, offers more depth in its storyline, and simply a-meow-zing. Take on the adventure and play KleptoCats 2 free today! And try some of the casual games we have for download, like The Battle Cats and My Tamagotchi Forever!




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