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KleptoDogs - Collect Pups & Fill Your Backyard With Different Items

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If you enjoyed playing the fun simulation game KleptoCats, then you will love his game. It’s titled KleptoDogs, a simulation game for dog lovers by HyperBeard. It provides a similar gameplay to that of KelptoCats, but this time you’re going to use dogs. The game features different types of pups for you to collect like a corgi, pug, chihuahua, and more. The goal is to fill your house with various items your dog brings back.

A simple and fun game that you’ll surely enjoy. Let’s talk more about how you’ll play KleptoDogs to know what you’ll do in this awesome game.

Send Pups To Gather Items in the KelptoDogs Game

KelptoDogs is a simple game where the objective is to fill your house with various items. The items will come from your pups, which you’ll send out and do their stuff. They return with these items, sometimes along with coins or gems. You will then place the items in your backyard and then send your pup on another trip. The items your dog brings back will vary. Sometimes they’ll bring back the same item,. But most of the time it’s a new one.

What makes KleptoDogs fun to play, especially for dog lovers, is that the dogs are extremely cute. And there are also plenty of other cute dogs for you to collect. It’s good that they’re cute because you will also have to take care of your dogs to make sure their mood is always happy. They’ll need to be in a happy mood before they can go out and get items. The game will also feature mini-games for you to play where you can get coins. You can use the coins to purchase items and clothes for your cute dogs.

Meet GemDog & Other Breeds

The goal in KleptoDogs is simple and that’s to fill your house with different items. You’ll start in the backyard where you will meet GemDog. He will be your first dog to own and help you collect items. Your pups will automatically find items when you send them out. There’s no need for you to worry about controlling them. And they will come back in less than a minute. And if you find yourself still bored with the wait, you can play mini-games.

There are four mini-games available and all of them are simple and easy to play. The mini-games are also a good way for you to earn coins. You can use the coins to get items and clothes for your pups. GemDog is not the only dog in KleptoDogs, as there are other dogs for you to acquire. There are other breeds like pug, corgi, chihuahua, and more. Acquiring new dogs requires summoning, which you can do only by using gems. Gems can be acquired from the things your pups will bring back.

Adorable KleptoDogs Game Features

  • Collect different cute pups
  • Play fun and easy mini-games
  • Earn coins and acquire different items and clothes for your pups
  • Unlock different areas of the house and fill them with items
  • A fun and cute simple game for you to enjoy

If you enjoy this simulation game, then check out the original games that started it all. There’s KleptoCats and KleptoCats 2. Both provide the same gameplay, but this time with cute cats. Get these games here in Games.lol!




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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