League of Angels: Chaos
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Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

League of Angels: Chaos - Summon Angels to Unleash the True Power

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MMORPGs level up your excitement with their fast-paced gameplay. If you are tired of finding options and want to play one, try Legend of Angels: Chaos by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. This action MMORPG unveils all the static gameplay elements and packages it for you to enjoy. Play this game to pave your way in action-packed battles.

Restore the World from the Ravaging Ragnarok

League of Angels: Chaos is an action MMORPG that brings the thrill of action in particular interesting lore. This game offers a thrilling experience that challenges you to become a legend. You should restore order to a world that has been ravaged by an existential ordeal called Ragnarok. It’s a cataclysmic event that has torn the heavens apart and plunged the world into chaos. Along with other heroes, you will bring order to a world that seeks its own peace. However, the cost of that peace is a war that allows the brave to prove themselves.

You are the last hope for putting the realm back in order since you are a champion of the gods. Yet, to do so, you must call forth the strong Angels and use their mighty might. Each Angel has special, powerful skills that can tip the scales of combat in your favor. To add strategy to your combat, select from a range of attacks. They are either defense or support-focused Divine Blessings.

Choose from 3 Legendary Classes

League of Angels: Chaos allows you to select from 3 legendary classes. Each of these offers different combat philosophies and skill sets. You can develop yourself into a Dragoon, a defender of righteousness who defends honor and glory. You can also choose the path of the Mage, harnessing the power of the element’s primal energies. The purpose is to cast devastating spells on your enemies. As an alternative, you might train to become an Archer, a deadly markswoman with unrivaled proficiency with a bow.

You can fight in cross-server battlegrounds, join strong Alliances, take part in cooperative Raids, and win the honor. Also, you can assemble various pieces of equipment. They include Divine weaponry and equipment sets. Build up your strength to dominate the fight. Forge legendary gear, upgrade Set Attributes, and craft and enhance your route to greatness. You can even ride legendary mounts into combat while wearing glowing wings to make you appear like a true champion. That’s not all, though. League of Angels: Chaos also permits unrestricted trading at the Auction House. Locate the ideal gear or earn money through trading.

Legend of Angels Chaos Online MMORPG Features to Enjoy

  • A fascinating storyline that elevates the MMORPG experience
  • Save the world from the destruction caused by Ragnarok
  • Select from 3 legendary classes: Dragoon, Mage, and Archer
  • Fight in cross-server battlegrounds with other players
  • Dominate the fight by building up your resources
  • Ride legendary mounts into combat
  • Act as a hero that will take over other heroes
  • Unrestricted trading option at the Auction House

Download and play League of Angels: Chaos to test your MMORPG skills on the battlefield. To enjoy more RPGs here in Games.lol, try Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Punishing: Gray Raven.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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Windows 7 or above

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At least 2GB


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OpenGL 2.0+ support

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