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Lily’s Garden Game: Immersive Garden Simulation Puzzle Game

People with green thumbs, rejoice, this game is just right for you! Immerse yourself in this wonderful garden game with a story of romance and rediscovery: Lily’s Garden. Help Lily restore her great-aunt’s garden, find love, and rediscover her roots.

In Lily’s Garden, you won’t just get your hands dirty digging through the garden, you’ll also get to dig up some stories full of twists and turns. Discover some hidden objects and uncover stories of the past to rediscover Lily’s roots only here in Lily’s Garden. You will get to meet a bunch of amazing characters along the way as well. There’s one that will spark romance in you and another that you would just wanna rake-off your turf.

Puzzles in Lily’s Garden

Puzzles are a big part of Lily’s Garden as well and will be thrown at you every now and then. Play a match-3 blast and collect flowers in hundreds of unique puzzle levels to earn stars to renovate your garden. Aside from that, play with some themed boosters for a chance to give your garden a makeover with dozens of customization options. There is more to gardening in Lily’s Garden!

Fascinating Characters

Lily’s Garden has a bunch of characters to choose from. They have unique appearances and background, and they are essential in the development of the story. Make sure to keep tabs on them and look forward as they contribute to the life of Lily.

  • Lily – A former accountant and now a gardener. She inherited her great-aunt Mary’s estate, including her house and gardens.
  • Luke – The handsome neighbor; a metalworker and mechanic with a face of an artist and messy hair.
  • Philip – The Lawyer to Lily’s great-aunt Mary. He’s in charge of managing the estate and keeps Lily on her toes at times.
  • Regina – An impressive carpenter and contractor that helps out Lily with the estate. She’s straightforward.
  • “Cousin” Larry – The shady distant member of the family. Hangs around the estate a lot with an unknown motive.
  • Blaine – A story of romance can’t be complete without the annoying ex-boyfriend. Meet Blaine, the cheating slimy businessman.

What are you waiting for? Plants are waiting to be watered and seeds ready to be planted. Sit down, relax, and enjoy this challenging blast puzzle game on your PC. Download Lily’s Garden now! provides you with tons of games from any genre, if you want simulation games like Lily’s Garden, just hit the site’s search button and try The Sims™ Mobile and Cafeland – World Kitchen. Don’t worry, it’s all for free. No need to worry about anything else, just download and have fun playing!

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