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Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania Best PC Games

Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania

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Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Little Tailor 3 - Animal Mania PC Game | Create Animal Outfits Online

The jungle animals need your help. With your couturier skills, you are the perfect person to talk to. Will you open the doors of your clothes shop and cater to their needs? Experience the fun of running a clothes business with the jungle animals as your customers. Can you help them? Play the role of a great tailor and create the perfect wear for these four-legged cuties. Try your hand at designing beautiful clothes and special accessories for the jungle animals in the free desktop PC game Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania.


Wondering what to expect in the Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania game?

In this exciting game, you get to play the owner of a clothes shop. What is unique about your shop is with clientele. You are not making clothes for humans. You are making clothes for your jungle animal friends. Discover the fun and excitement of running your own clothes shop in the Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania desktop game. The jungle animals need new clothes to wear. They come knocking on your door and asking you to take their measurements so you can start working on their garments. Monkey, rabbit, panda, and deer are looking to have new get-ups. They have their unique requirements. So, you might need to talk to each one of your clients and hear out their specifications. Only then can you design and create their special clothes that suit their needs.


Want to be a great tailor?

In Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania, you will draw your design on a piece of cloth and cut the pattern. Then, you sew them with your sewing machine. Showcase your masterpiece and display your colorful accessories. Discover the fun and excitement of managing your own shop. Be the master tailor and make the most of this alluring experience in the Little Tailor 3 – Animal Mania PC game. Are you ready to open your shop and create marvelous garments for your jungle animal friends? If you are into fun casual games, try Bedtime Stories for Kids and Bubble Wars.

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