Lost in Harmony
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Lost In Harmony Game – Play Rhythmic Tapping With Endless Runner

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An interesting and unique music game you can play is Lost In Harmony. It’s a casual arcade game where you get to listen to great music as you play a rhythm game. And like with other rhythm games, the music you’ll listen to provides a tempo for you to do rhythmic tapping, which helps while playing. What’s unique about this arcade music game is that it also features endless runner gameplay.

The rhythmic tapping gameplay is incorporated into the endless runner gameplay. You’ll learn more as we discuss how to play Lost in Harmony. This will help you know what you need to do in the game.

Endless Runner Game with Rhythmic Tapping

What you will enjoy with Lost in Harmony is that it’s not your typical rhythmic tapping game. The tapping part is just a part of the endless runner gameplay. That’s right, the main gameplay is the endless runner part and the rhythm game is just a part of it. There will be instances in the game where icons will appear for you to tap. What’s great is that the background music will also include the rhythm when you need to avoid obstacles in the endless runner. Now, the endless runner gameplay is also unique since you’ll have a view of the back instead of the front.

You’ll see different objects coming at your lane and you need to avoid them. Lost in Harmony will provide you with two stories to play, Kaito’s Adventure and M.I.R.A.I.’s Escape. Both provide similar gameplay but with different stories. They also play different background music for you to enjoy. The game features songs by famous composers and singers like Onoken, Fumitake Igarashi, and more. If you like them, you will have fun playing and listening to your favorite music.

Playing Kaito’s Adventure & M.I.R.A.I.’s Escape

When you play Lost In Harmony, the first thing you’ll do is select the story you want to play in. Both offer the same gameplay and you can try playing the other later on, so no need to take too much time choosing. As mentioned above, the endless runner is a bit different here since your view is of the back instead of what’s in front. There will still be obstacles to avoid, but this time you’ll avoid those that are coming from behind.

As you play, there will be moments when star-like objects will appear and you just tap them. That’s the rhythmic tapping part of the gameplay. Don’t worry, the object appears when you’re not dealing with obstacles to avoid. There will also be stardust that you can collect along the path.
The gameplay of Lost in Harmony is technically not an endless runner since there’s going to be an end to the level. The score you’ll get will depend on how accurate you are at tapping the object, collecting stardust, and on the combos you did. You also don’t have to worry about getting hit in the game. You won’t instantly die since you’ll have a health bar here instead.

Available Game Features in Lost In Harmony Online

  • Choose from two awesome stories to play
  • Listen to great songs by famous composers
  • Play endless runner and rhythmic tapping
  • Amazing graphics and visuals as you play

If you enjoy playing arcade games like this one, then check out Geometry Dash. It’s another rhythmic game, but this time a side-scrolling platform. You can also try Beat Fire for another fun rhythmic tapping game.




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