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About this Game

Take your music skills to the next level by downloading Deemo on your PC today. This unique and fun rhythm game is just like playing the Piano. You have to tap on the notes that go with the music. It is as easy as that!

Over 200 songs can be used to play, and it varies from easy, normal, and hard levels. Music enthusiasts would love this game, as it helps develop muscle memory. It’s also a fun musical game that adds life to a rather boring day!


Who is Deemo?

The game is actually rooted in a story about Deemo, a mysterious being living in a castle whose concentration was shattered when Alice fell down from the sky. To return the little girl to her home, Deemo continually plays the Piano because the music lets a special tree grow from the instrument itself.

As the tree grows, rooms are opened and Alice explores ways to get out and finally return home. Just like any other game, you have to play and finish the song to be able to let the tree grow. So help Alice return home by downloading Deemo on your PC today!




Different Notes, Different Strategies

Since this game is just like playing the piano, you will be able to see black notes which you must tap individually. There are also yellow notes which you can swipe across in a chain. Mine notes, on the other hand, should never be tapped on.

Knowing these notes is important as this will greatly impact how you follow the rhythm of the music. Accuracy is based on how well you follow and avoid “misses” while playing a piece.


Know Your Status on the Deemo Meter

There is a way of knowing how well you are performing. The Deemo Meter increases when you have True Charming or Regular Hits during the game. If ever you do miss a note, the meter slowly starts to go down. When the Deemo meter is empty, it only means you have failed the song completely.


Installing the Game on your PC

Installing DEEMO on your own PC is very easy and convenient. Just locate and click the ‘PLAY NOW’ button on the page. This then will prompt an installer to start the download of DEEMO on your desktop. 




Just wait patiently for the installer to finish the download in order for the installation to commence. When the installer is done downloading and installing, you will be able to play the game right away. So enjoy the music, and return Alice to her home at the same time!

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