Love Live! School idol festival – Music Rhythm Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Love Live! School idol festival – Music Rhythm Game Best PC Games

Love Live! School idol festival – Music Rhythm Game


Love Live! School idol festival – Music Rhythm Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Love Live! School idol festival | Music Rhythm Game Download | Let Your Idol Charisma Shine


Love Live! School idol festival Unblocked is KLab’s musical rhythm game with a 45 million large loyal fan base. This top-grosser boasts a multitude of colorful characters and a simple yet hard to master gameplay. So, if you love music and ethical gacha games, then you will surely enjoy Love Live! School idol festival Desktop. Download and play now!


Love Live! School idol festival Desktop – Gameplay

If you ever wanted to become a school idol, then Love Live! School idol festival PC will certainly tickle your imagination. This girl game puts you in the shoes of a manager of a club of school idols. You will be in charge of organizing live events and recruiting and training new members.

Moreover, There are hundreds of characters that you can unlock through the gacha system. Unlike other gacha games, the drop rates are not insanely low. You can even get a super-rare character if you do eleven pulls for the price of three.

Further, the main gameplay of Love Live! School idol festival Desktop is a straightforward rhythm game. First, you will build a team of idols from the members of your club. The icons of these idols are spread around the center of the screen. Rings will be released from the center of the screen and will move towards the icons. Then, you should click the icons as the rings lock on them. The timing of the rings depends on the song, making Love Live! School idol festival Download a musical rhythm game.


Manage Your Team To Be The Best

Additionally, the game has a card collection and character building aspect. You can upgrade and transform characters by looting cards and opening boxes, giving the game a sense of progression. Since each character has different stats and skills, a layer of depth is added into the game. Hence, manage them well to get the best performance scores from the live events!

What are you waiting for? Play Love Live! School idol festival Download now!

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Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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