Ludo Classic
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Sudhakar Kanakaraj

Ludo Classic – A Fun Yet Challenging Multiplayer Board Game

Ludo Classic PC free
Ludo Classic download PC
Ludo Classic download full version
Ludo Classic download free
Ludo Classic PC free
Ludo Classic download PC
Ludo Classic download full version
Ludo Classic download free

Board games are great to play, especially those that you can play against more than one player. And Ludo Classic is one of the awesome titles of that genre. Published by Sudhakar Kanakaraj, it’s a strategic social party game that is played by a maximum of four players. You’ll play on a special board and each player has a different starting point.

The overall goal for each player is to get all of their pieces to the triangle area. Be warned as it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Each player competes to reach the triangle first and can employ tactics to make it hard for the opponent. Let’s talk about the game’s mechanics in the next section.

How To Play This Fun Board Game

When you play Ludo Classic, there are several different game modes that you can choose to play. You can play it offline and go against the game’s AI. You can also choose the public match and play against other people online. It also has an option to play against friends via Bluetooth. If you want a more secure game between close friends and family, then try hosting private matches via rooms.

If you choose the offline match, you can set the parameters of the game. You can choose to play against up to three AIs. Your administrative powers also include setting who throws the dice first and customize the cubed piece. Once you’ve set the other parameters, you can start playing. To begin, players will throw the dice to see who goes first.

Once that’s established, all players must now roll a six to put a piece on board. The number depends on the rules you’ve set before the game started. After that, the player may roll again and make the piece move. If it’s another six, they can choose to set out another piece or make the current piece move. Pieces will move on the white color parts of the board first, making a round trip.

Once they make it back to their side, they enter the space with the same color. If you land on a space occupied by another color, you can choose to put it back inside the circle. If there are two of them, they are protected. That’s what makes this game challenging. Players can put you back at the start if you’re unlucky. The game ends when you reach the same colored triangle on the board.

Ludo Classic Main Gameplay Features

  • Play against three AIs.
  • Play with friends or strangers worldwide.
  • A simple game to learn and play.
  • Free-to-play on PC

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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