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Yachty Game: A Fun-Filled Dice Game For All

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yachty free surfers PC free
yachty free download PC
yachty free download full version
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Dice games are usually fun since it’s mostly a game of chance. When you roll a dice, you never know what will come out since it can be one of six sides. Well, if this is the kind of entertainment you’re looking for, then you better try playing Yachty Free. It’s a casual board game that’s published by Rubicon Development. It’s the digital version of an all-time favorite where you would roll the dice to get combinations.

The goal in this game is to score as many points as possible. It might seem simple but it’s quite hard to master. You can see in the next section that this game is not as easy as it looks. We’ll discuss how you can properly play Yachty Free in the next section.

Rolling The Dice In Yachty Free

You must know the rules of Yachty (Yahtzee Dice Game) to properly play Yachty Free. To give you an idea, the goal is to score more points by rolling five dice pieces. You need them to form certain combinations. There are two sections, the upper and lower section.

You’ll have six boxes in the upper section. The score you get from them will be the sum of all the dice matching the box. For example, the first box is Ace (1), which means that if you get four ones, then your score is 4 points. That goes the same for the other boxes. Let’s say for the Sixes, your roll produces two sixes, then that means your score is 12.

If you score 63 points or above, you earn a bonus of 35 to your overall score. For the lower section, the boxes contain Poker themed combinations like Three Of A Kind, Full House, and so on. The highest point is the Yachty. It’s five dice possessing the same number. You can earn 50 points there. The Chance box is any combination and your points will just be the sum of all dice that came out.

You can roll the dice up to three times in a match. This allows you to have another chance in case you don’t like the combination that comes out. But after that, you will have to choose one of these boxes, to sum up your score. It’s important to remember that once you’ve chosen a box, you can never choose it again. The game ends when all boxes already have a score that you chose. Yachty Free can be played solo, against the AI, or a friend.

Yachty Free Main Gameplay Features

  • Many different game modes to play.
  • Realistic 3D dice that use advanced physics simulation.
  • Rules on how to play can be found in the game.
  • Awesome multiplayer options.

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