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About this Game

Who said Mahjong is dead? Get to play the best version of Asia’s favorite board game from Kristanix Games. With better graphics, UI, and interactivity than the rest, this game provides nothing more than the quality of life experience you need to refresh your senses. Get Mahjong Epic for free on PC here.

What to Expect in Mahjong Epic

New looks, same classic gameplay. To many people, especially with the newer generation of players, mahjong feels old and outdated. As such, Mahjong Epic specifically targets the younger crowd and anybody who wants a new take on the old formula. After all, we get tired at some point seeing the all-green tabletop and the usual Mandarin tiles. With fully-rendered 3D graphics, a soothing set of music, and various themes to pick, you have the power to personalize your mahjong game however you want.

Now, you are not just stuck with the classic game mode. You can choose from different versions of Mahjong, including competitive, casual, Japanese, and even Creative—a variant where you can build your own patterns on a table. Plus, they are all available right from the start as soon as you boot up the game.

How to Play & Customize Mahjong Epic

You can play this game similar to how you always play the classic mahjong. In a casual game of four players, your ultimate goal is to form four melds and a pair to create mahjong. This gameplay applies to most of the game’s play modes. However, some of them come with various challenges.

Tired of the plain classic Mandarin tiles alongside the green board? Lucky for you, Mahjong Epic allows you to change all of that with the customizable options that you can use to personalize the look of the game. There are different brick themes, multiple tabletop colors, and various background palettes to choose from. You can also change the music of each game mode, too, if you like. All of the options are available as soon as you play the game.

Game Features That You’ll Love

  • Tons of customizable options
  • Play the updated edition of Mahjong
  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Soothing music
  • Fully rendered 3D animations

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