Meteor 60 Seconds
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Download and Play Meteor 60 Seconds PC Game | Free, Unblocked

In life and in Meteor 60 Seconds, there is a lot of “what ifs”. This is because we only have one life to live in this world. If you had 60 seconds to live, what would you do before it ends? Would you jump off a cliff? Rob a bank before the time is up? Or do you want to just chill and take a moment of silence which you have never experienced in your busy life?

This is the perfect video game for you. A massive meteor is about to collide Earth and everything will explode in a minute. The game lets you choose things to do before you die. Check out the game by downloading online and play it on your PC today.

How to Play Meteor 60 Seconds

Meteor 60 Seconds is a very simple game wherein you have only sixty seconds to do anything you want. The game has nine alternate endings which you may get depending on the actions you take in the game. Also, there are specific actions that you have to accomplish to be able to achieve a specific ending.

At the start of the game, other than just moving left or right, your other option is to do nothing. You can press the “lips” button which will make you kiss anyone or anything on the screen. You may also press the “hand” button which will make you throw a punch. Depending on what or who you punch or kiss, you may end up picking items. You can have a baseball bat, a gun, or a nuclear bomb.

However, be careful when trying to move past the bulldog or the baseball player. It’s because they might hit you and push you back a few steps. Although, the garbage can and the barricades may be removed. You can do that by hitting them with whatever weapon you may have.

When the timer ends, your character will suddenly wake up. You will also be informed that it has been just a virtual reality test. Moreover, everything you did during the game was viewed by his mother, girlfriend, and your nephew. These three will give their reactions based on how you played the game.

Game Features

  • Cute cartoony graphics for a fun action gameplay
  • Get to know the different endings of your choices
  • Unique storyline for everyone
  • Simple game controls and rely on your decisions

Download and live the final minute of your life in Meteor 60 Seconds for PC! Try the other zany Action Games here like Dan The Man: Action Platformer, Zombie Guard, and Tanks A Lot!!


meteor 60 seconds ready
meteor 60 seconds naked man running
meteor 60 seconds bus kissing
meteor 60 seconds bulldog guarding
meteor 60 seconds ready
meteor 60 seconds naked man running
meteor 60 seconds bus kissing
meteor 60 seconds bulldog guarding




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