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Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator | Drive and Park Cars | Free Game Download


Test Your Driving and Parking Skills in Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator  

If you want to drive and park like a pro, you can test your skills at Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator! This game lets you drive, drift and park different types of cars.  The game has realistic parking lots that require precision and discipline in-car control and driving.

Take your pick from 10 different types of vehicles. Get an SUV, Sedan, Pickup Truck, Muscle Cars and more. Maneuver your way throughout a busy highway and avoid collisions against long buses and trucks.

Your ultimate goal is to drive shoppers safely to the City Centre Super Store where they can do their groceries. The Super Store has a large open-air parking lot.  This means you can explore every inch of it to find the best spot for parking your car. If the open-air parking lot is full, you can try looking for space at the store’s multi-level parking area.

The game’s parking lot is designed with realistic ramps, entrances, and ticketing booths. Therefore, you have to be a responsible driver.  So, park your car the right way without crashing on walls or other cars in the vicinity.


Challenge Yourself In 50 Different Missions

To pass and win Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator, you have to complete all 50 missions with different goals and objectives. Each mission is a precision driving test, and you have to drive and park without damaging your car and other properties.

Most missions will require you to drive your family safely to the City Centre Super Store and find a parking space for your car. Other missions will put you in the role of a freight delivery truck driver who is about to deliver stocks and supplies to the Super Store.

What are you waiting for? Test your precision driving and parking skills only on Multi Level 7 Car Parking Simulator free game download on PC! For more car games, check out Donuts Drift or Drifty Chase.

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