Mutant Fighting Cup 2
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Ace Viral

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 - Train Monsters & Use Them on a Fight

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The mutant monsters are back and they promise to be more action-packed, more exciting, and more fearsome. Mutant Fighting Cup 2 by Ace Viral takes the fighting game to new heights with more fun and awesome features. You get to once again evolve monsters and create more powerful monsters that will help you dominate fights. And the ultimate goal in the game is to win the monster championship.

It’s a fun game that brings a new twist to the fighting genre. Let’s now discuss in more detail the gameplay and see how the game works and what you can expect.

Evolve & Train Your Monsters in Mutant Fighting Cup 2 PC

The goal in Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is to win the monster championship. But you will need strong monsters on your side to do that. You will need to evolve, train, and develop the monsters that you have and win the turn-based 1-on-1 battle. Use your monsters’ skills and abilities to beat the opponents and then be declared the champion.

It might sound easy, but it isn’t. There will be many considerations that you need to factor in that will make your monster stronger in Mutant Fighting Cup 2. The main one of course is leveling them up so they can unlock new skills to use during fights. You can also evolve them, and make them new monsters, which will give them new skills to use. But all of these things require resources and you get them from winning fights, completing tasks, and daily rewards.

Then there’s also the strategy that you’ll use during the fight. It will also play a major role in whether you’ll win or lose during fights.

How Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is Played

There’s a tutorial at the start to teach you the Mutant Fighting Cup 2 gameplay. It will help you understand how battles go, as well as how you’ll evolve and develop your monsters. One thing to note about the battle is that you will start with only three skill slots and the skills available are random, but dependent on what your monster knows. When you use a skill, the empty slot will be filled by another random skill in Mutant Fighting Cup 2.

The skills you will likely see in the game will include the attack skills or abilities your monster has. There will also be skills that can provide boosts, skills that can heal, and so on. The strategy parts come in how you use the skills that are available to you. You can focus more on attack or start with a buff if it’s available. You should also be strategic in using heals because you might not get one for a while. Overall,it’s a great game that you’ll truly enjoy playing.

Casual Fighting Game Features

  • Unlock and choose different types of animals to mutate and evolve
  • Mix and match the genes of animals and unlock more unique monsters
  • Fight against different monsters and bosses
  • Dominate the PVP and show who’s the monster champ

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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