My Child Lebensborn LITE
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Sarepta Studio

My Child Lebensborn LITE – Shape Destiny in War-Torn Norway

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My Child Lebensborn LITE is a captivating virtual pet simulator developed by Sarepta Studio. Experience the emotional journey of raising a Lebensborn child in war-torn Norway during WW2. Immerse yourself in a warlike atmosphere as you adopt and care for Klaus or Karin, a child born to a German soldier and a woman from an occupied country.

Experience the Emotional Journey of My Child Lebensborn LITE

In this free version of My Child Lebensborn, you can explore the challenging past and present of your child’s life. Navigate through a hostile and hateful environment, shaped by actual events, as you witness the far-reaching consequences of war. Uncover the child’s history, face the harsh realities of bullying and blame, and help them find their place in a country celebrating its freedom.

As you advance, the choices you make have the power to impact your child’s emotions, character, and perspective on life. Stay attentive to observe how these decisions manifest through their expressions and body language. Balancing your time and meager resources, cook, craft, forage, and play to provide for your child’s needs and create lasting memories.

Enjoy the Interactive Gameplay of My Child Lebensborn LITE

The Remastered edition of My Child Lebensborn LITE enhances your gameplay experience. Enjoy more activities, such as trying out new recipes, crafting pine cone animals, skipping stones at the lake, and picking flowers in the forest. Interact more freely with your child, managing your time and resources wisely.

With improved graphics, tickle and pet your child to witness heartwarming reactions. Marvel at the beauty of Norwegian nature as you engage in outdoor adventures together. Decorate your rooms with cherished memories in your journal, which holds both the struggles and the joyous moments.

Download My Child Lebensborn for free and embark on an emotional journey based on the real-life events of Lebensborn children. Kindly be aware that this game addresses profound subjects and is not appropriate for young children. Take note that the LITE version is how you’ll play My Child Lebensborn for free. However, beyond the initial section, the continuation of the story requires a payment.

Key Features of My Child Lebensborn LITE

  • Explore a warlike atmosphere shaped by actual events
  • Uncover the child’s history and navigate through their challenging past and present
  • Shape the child’s feelings, personality, and worldview through your choices
  • Witness the effects of your decisions through expressions and body language
  • Balancing time and resources, providing for your child’s needs
  • Create lasting memories through cooking, crafting, foraging, and play
  • The remastered edition offers more activities and interactions
  • Explore new recipes, craft pine cone animals, skip stones, and gather flowers
  • Enhanced graphics reveal the stunning beauty of Norwegian nature
  • Decorate rooms with cherished memories in your journal
  • Based on real-life events of Lebensborn children

Download My Child Lebensborn LITE on and delve into the captivating story of a Lebensborn child. Uncover the consequences of war, shape their destiny, and create a lasting impact. Looking for more immersive story-driven experiences? Explore other gripping titles like Pechka – Story Adventure Game and Duskwood – Detective Story.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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