My Little Universe
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My Little Universe - Unleash Your Creativity in a Cosmic Odyssey

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Welcome to My Little Universe, an enthralling world-building adventure game where you, the little orange man in the rocket ship, assume the role of a divine architect. Embark on an extraordinary journey, brimming with creativity and challenges, as you craft your own celestial paradise from scratch.

My Little Universe – Immerse in the Worldbuilding Adventure Game

As you play the My Little Universe game, you’ll be armed with nothing but a trusty pickaxe. You’ll mine, dig, and harvest 15 different types of resources essential to your grand design. Enhance your divine productivity by upgrading your pickaxe through eight levels of mastery, akin to the mighty weapons wielded by gods like Thor and Neptune.

As your civilization blossoms in the My Little Universe on PC, you’ll have the chance to establish industrial facilities, enabling you to smelt metals and process minerals. Utilize these newfound abilities to forge eight unique weapons, from an ax with progressive improvements to the legendary Excalibur sword. These armaments will prove invaluable in your quest to fend off primeval monsters determined to thwart your divine plan.

Explore Environments While Creating the Planet

With ten diverse environments in My Little Universe, you’ll explore and shape your little universe in mysterious and captivating ways. Unleash your creativity as you create an enchanting planet of wonder and beauty. However, beware of lurking dangers, as eight kinds of adversaries, including unfriendly ents and alien fungal foes, threaten your godly intentions.

The My Little Universe game combines simple yet captivating graphics with a rich soundscape that complements every action, immersing you further into this genre-crossing mining masterpiece. Embrace the boundless joy and mirth of creation, transforming a sterile promontory into a thriving world that any deity would call their own.

Are you prepared to wield the power of a god and shape a universe like never before? Download My Little Universe now and embark on a divine journey of discovery and imagination amidst a vast cosmos of possibilities.

Exciting My Little Universe Game Features

  • Engaging world-building adventure
  • Play as a little orange man in a rocket ship
  • Mine and harvest 15 types of resources
  • Upgrade your pickaxe through eight levels
  • Craft eight unique weapons, including Excalibur
  • Battle against primeval monsters
  • Explore and shape 10 diverse environments
  • Beware of eight kinds of adversaries
  • Enjoy simple graphics and rich soundscape
  • Create your thriving planet from scratch

Ready to unleash your divine creativity? Step into the enchanting My Little Universe world and forge your own thriving planet from scratch! Embark on an extraordinary world-building adventure, battling primeval monsters and crafting unique weapons to defend your celestial masterpiece. Play the game now and experience the joy of creation on your PC!

Explore our website for more captivating simulation games that will transport you to worlds beyond imagination. Embrace the endless possibilities of virtual realms and embark on epic journeys of discovery. The power to shape extraordinary universes awaits you! Play My Little Universe on your PC and other thrilling simulation games today! You can also play Idle World – Build the Planet and Township.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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