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Why settle for a farm when you can create your own city? Yes! You heard it right! You now have the power to build your own town under your hands with Township game for PC. This casual strategy and management game will allow you to build a farm and grow it into a city complete with infrastructures surrounding them.

Enjoy growing your own plants, raising livestock, and making a living out of them by delivering your goodies to awaiting customers. Unlock more land, grow more houses, and increase your town’s population in Township.  You’ll have hours and hours of gaming so you wouldn’t want to turn your eyes off from your PC. Are you ready to build the city of your dreams?


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Township Game Features on PC

Have a Strong Sense of Advancement

In Township, you will start the game with a relatively small plot of land where you can grow your own crops. As you slowly begin to gather resources, you will also start building houses and start growing the town’s population. As the number of your town’s resident increases, more lands will be available for you to unlock. Then, you can begin selling your goodies to earn more money and eventually build huge apartment buildings and other structures. But all of those mentioned above will not happen too soon as Township is a game of steady progression, thus it is not recommended for impatient gamers.


township game pc download


Remarkably Detailed Township Graphics

Even though Township is not fully 3D, Playrix made it to a point that the graphics will be attractive enough to players of all genres. In terms of details, the game offers very cheerful and remarkably nice animations that are not too saccharine for the eyes. And, since you are playing Township for PC, expect to see more satisfying visuals on bigger screen.


The Game Will Wait For You

Compared to other games of the same genre where the crops begin to wither if you ignore the game for an extended period, such thing doesn’t happen in Township. If you do not harvest your crops or collect factory delivery, the game will wait for you.  Things will still be normal even if you haven’t visited your town for a while.


Manage Your Own Town

In Township, you don’t just manage a farm, you get to create and manage an entire town complete with houses, factories, movie theatres, restaurants, mine and even your own zoo. Basically, everything that composes a real town is here and you get to decorate your own city according to your preference. Overall, Township is a game that will enhance your artistic side, your time management skills, your socialization skills and more. What’s not to love about this game?


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Township Game Tips and Tricks

More Orders Means More Coins

If you are thinking of a more reliable way to earn coins in Township, completing orders is one of them. To access and complete the orders, just click on the helicopter button. You can also signal your town people to submit the order to you. Bear in mind that not all orders are worth the purchase so learn to prioritize orders that offer greater deals.


Bestow a Lot of Benefits from Having Friends Online

Being friendly is not a bad thing in Township because it will enable you to make new friends in the game’s community. You can also create your own clan from your Facebook and Google+ friends.  This is where you can send and receive gifts, fulfill requests, and sell goodies in the City Market. Helping out a friend in need will also reward you with Clover that you can exchange in the House of Luck for a random prize.


township online pc download


Tips on Planting Crops

Your main goal in Township is to keep your town productive and farming plays a crucial role in that. Some of your crops take hours to harvest so it is important that you manage your crops accordingly. During the day, focus on plants that finish fast like wheat and corn as they will only need a few minutes to grow. This means that you can sell them quickly. Plants like cacao and potato should be best planted before you go to bed because they need hours to grow.

Download Township today and watch your little town grow into a giant metropolis! Feel free to check Hay Day, AdVenture Capitalist, and other Simulation Games!

Township Town
Township Proper Town
Township Harvest
Township Good Trades
Township Town
Township Proper Town
Township Harvest
Township Good Trades




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