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Play My Talking Angela for PC | Download My Talking Angela Online Game for Free

Do you know Tom’s love interest, Angela? Well, she has her own solo game now – My Talking Angela! This game features so many stuff to do for those who love to play dress-up! She may not overact a lot like Tom but her calm nature and sweet smile make her tenaciously adorable! Download the My Talking Angela online game for PC and learn tips and tricks on how you can take care of this adorable pet.

In My Talking Angela, you can put make-up on her, customize her skin, and prepare all the basic needs for her to stay as a beautiful and healthy feline. Give her a bath, feed her some grub, and brush her teeth after a meal. Ultimately, give her some beauty rest so she’ll be constantly happy all the time. This is truly the perfect pet simulator game! Remember to download the My Talking Angela online game to your PC today.


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My Talking Angela Game Features:

New Stuff To Toy With

If you’re a fan of My Talking Tom or its much-improved sequel, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela has more than just a few ways to interact with her! There are also lots of stuff for you to hand over to her liking. She is not as cartoony as Tom but her finesse and lady-like attitude are why millions of players love to engage with the pretty pussycat.

Stuff such as make-up, hairstyles, background themes, and even fur color is all up to you to customize. With all these options, it’s certain that Angela is a cat that will never go out of style!


my talking angela pc


Highly Rewarding Progress System

As you constantly take care of Angela, you’re rewarded with lots of goodies that you and she will surely love. Progressing through the game will unlock exclusive hairstyles, make-up kits, dresses, t-shirts, fur color, and eyes.

Meeting certain requirements result in leveling up Angela from a small kitty cat to the best girl teenager and finally as a lady with etiquettes. Showing My Talking Angela some love will increase her affection for you without constantly nagging you to give her attention. She’s a cool kitty cat just like that.


Share Magnificent Moments With Her Through Social Media

Of course, you might want to show the world how adorable your virtual cat is. It’s a pet game after all and every pet game allows you to share the best bits about your critter. Since Angela can be customized in hundreds of ways in a non-hyperbolic sense, she’s worth displaying in front of millions of players in the community!

Did Angela do something spectacular like a talent? Show them what she did! Did you find the perfect match for her outfit and hairstyle? Share the clip on your favorite social media! And the best part? The community is mighty kind!


my talking angela online


My Talking Angela Tips and Tricks:

Angela’s Needs First, Dress-up and Make-up Second

To start it all off, no, Angela does not die when her needs are depleted (thank God) but abandoning her like that will result in her being unhappy! And when she is unhappy, she will never like you unless you replenish her with affection!

Do not ever forget to feed her, bathe her, and put her to sleep all the time. Not only is this a necessity but it also equates in lots of XP earned. What’s a sparkling dress and top make-up if Angela isn’t in a good mood, right? This is a basic online tip that you can use in My Talking Angela.


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The Best Tips To Gain Free Tickets

Looking to acquire new tickets so you can finally assemble the rare card fragments but don’t have the money to spend on gems? Here are a few best ways to do it for free! Just take note that these may take long especially on the second tip.

  1. Ads are everything. The game will let you acquire one ticket per long ad.
  2. Do their requests as intended. Install the recommended and sponsored games they have, achieve all the specific goals, and return to the prompt screen. The game will hand out tickets depending on how many requests you did.

Get to know Angela now by downloading My Talking Angela to your PC today! We assure you, this will be an amazing game and you’ll see why Tom likes her so much. Check out our fun casual games to discover more games!

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Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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