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Mystery Manor: hidden objects

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About this Game

Are you ready to solve the mystery of why Mister X is missing? If you’re keen on searching for clues or finding hidden objects, you should play Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects. Created by Game Insight, this adventure game will put your detective skills to the test. With each challenge, you get to find hidden objects, words, silhouettes, and a whole lot more!

What’s more exciting about playing the Mystery Manor game is that you don’t just get to find hidden objects. You can also enjoy playing mini-games and match-3 adventures. With these games, you’re giving your brain a breather.

Have fun playing the detective with Mystery Manor PC. Download the game now and play it for free!


Experience Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

If you’re up for an engaging and thrilling adventure, take the challenge of playing the Mystery Manor game. Avid mystery enthusiasts are going to love the game for its difficult levels and captivating storyline. What’s more, you get to experience a variety of game modes that drive your detective abilities crazy.

There is no shortcut to playing this game. You have to complete various detective tasks every day. If you have difficulty looking for the hidden objects, you can access the mystery manor hints. But let us tell you that these challenges will excite you to bits.


Excellent Graphics

If you love to play high-definition games, then you would probably love to play this game even more. The amazing graphics of the gameplay a huge role in increasing the playability of the game. That is why as soon as you play the game, you can never stop.


Exciting Mini-Games

Seeking for hidden objects and other modes might be a bit tiring, considering you run out of focus easily. This is why mini-games are important – to divert your attention to something new. With the tons of mini-games available in Mystery Manor desktop game, you won’t have to look for any other puzzle games anymore.

If your eagle eyes are ready for the hunt, go for the Mystery Manor download now. It is free to play! Then check out some of the most popular Adventure Games

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