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June’s Journey – Hidden Objects


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About this Game

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? From Sherlock Holmes’s masterpieces to Mystery Case Files, people are always captivated in solving crimes. Enter June’s Journey, a puzzle-solving game where you play the role of amateur detective June Parker. You are thrust into situations where June must solve a crime while having a little romance on the side. Be careful though – danger lurks in every corner!

The mystery is also slowly decoded as you solve puzzles in the guise of June, unraveling a plot involving a scandalous mystery. What’s more, June’s Journey game is set during the roaring 20’s – an era of fine wine, Gatsbys, and the great American Dream. Now, let’s get to solving crimes!


Curl Up By The Fireside & Enjoy a Good Mystery!

If June’s Journey – Hidden Objects is the equivalent of a good mystery book during a cold rainy night, then curl up by all means! June Parker is a detective just starting to prove herself in the 20’s. Help her by joining her journey in that age of romance, danger and mystery all rolled up into one. Travel with her on her search for clues. Your journey together will take you from small kitchens to the parlors of New York, all the way to glamorous Paris!

How’s your eyesight? Perfect or not, you’ll have to help June in her search for clues. Use your powers of keen observation to search for objects that’ll help her solve her case. From simple mundane items like spoons up to food like pancakes, you never know – even simple day to day items might be clues vital to solving the scandal that’s rocking June’s era!


Be Part of the June’s Journey Mystery

Even while you’re traveling the world, you’re also looking for clues in June’s luxurious mansion and garden island. Peruse through hundreds of hidden-object scenes and look for the clues in them.

Surely, June already has a lot of followers as well. If you’re not familiar, Wooga is the same developer behind the hit hidden object classic Pearl’s Peril, another game that tackles mysteries set during the mythical eras. The 25 million fans behind that game – and now, behind June’s Journey – surely must be no fluke.

Like a good mystery show, June’s Journey PC is also updated every week. Look forward to new mysteries where your keen powers of observation are tested. There’s a new chapter every week, so what are you waiting for? Download June’s Journey now!

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