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Become the mother blob to conquer all others in Nebulous an action puzzle game by Simplicial Software, LLC. You start out as a tiny little blob, eat smaller blobs scattered across the map to grow and become larger. But be wary, there are other blobs bigger than you too! Play with or against others from all over the world, with support for up to 27 players in one game! Jump into a massive blob mashing mayhem in the classic free-for-all game where everyone is food as long as you are bigger. Participate in a variety of team games including capture the flag. Join a clan with a fully integrated clan system and participate in clan wars to bring your clan to the top of the leaderboards. Download the unblocked version of the Nebulous offline and multiplayer game to your PC for free.


Nebulous Game Features:

Don’t be fooled by the game’s cute graphics and simplistic goals. Nebulous boasts of a gamer-friendly control mixed with a few sinister objectives as you try to be one blob to rule them all. Read on for more of Nebulous’ awesome features:


Intuitive Controls and Simple Goals

There is no need for lengthy tutorials in Nebulous, jump right in and get in on the action. The goal is simple: become the biggest and baddest blob in the universe.



Move around and gobble up smaller blobs scattered across the entire map. Take on other player blobs if you have what it takes to chase them down and corner them.  But remember, if they are bigger they will eat you up. Shoot and split your self into smaller blobs to gain a speed advantage or to squeeze out from tight situations. As long as one of your split blobs survive, you are still in the game!


Epic Powerups to Fight off Larger Blobs

The journey to king blob is difficult in an online multiplayer game. With so many players crammed into one game, you are bound to run into someone much much larger than you. But don’t fret, in Nebulous, there are powerups you can collect that will give you an edge over the competition.



Shoot a bomb at larger blobs to break them apart making them easier pickings. Use ice blocks and lightning bolts to paralyze anyone trying to chase you down.  Or use it on smaller blobs so you can catch up and add them into your great mass.


Bored With Classic? Try some Other Game Modes!

There are many games like Agario, but Simplicial Software has set this one apart but adding multiple game modes that you can try. So if you think the blob mayhem of classic free-for-all is getting tedious, then check out some of the other game modes including team modes.



Try out survival with no power up and just your wits, become the largest blob before the time runs out. If you get eaten, you are out of the game. Unique team games include soccer, where you play against another team and try to shoot a soccer ball into opposing goals.


Nebulous Game Tips & Tricks:

Being the baddest blob is a big climb. In order to get there, you must utilize all skills at your fingertips. Aside from this, you will rely heavily on power-ups to make yourself more powerful. Read on to know more about our tips & tricks:


Use Your Skills for Advantage

In Nebulous, once you reach a certain size, you get to use two skills at your disposal. The first one is to shoot a tiny portion of yourself a certain distance.  The second one allows you to split into two equal blobs.

As you grow you slow down and things become difficult as you can no longer chase down smaller, faster blobs and movement becomes sluggish. Dodging larger blobs can also be a problem, even though you have the speed advantage you may find yourself squeezed in by other blobs or even obstacles.



These are perfect situations to use your skills, by shooting nebula that will shatter larger blobs in their direction to ward them off. You can also split yourself in two to get a speed boost, even if one of your halves get eaten you will still survive as long as one portion of you exists.


Powerups are your Bread and Butter

In game modes that have powerups make sure to always have one loaded, it provides huge advantages when facing down larger blobs and can quickly turn the tables on someone trying to chase you down and eat you up.



Bombs and poison are extremely effective at breaking down larger blobs, be quick about gobbling up their pieces and you can easily outgrow them making the prey into a predator. Liked Nebulous? Be sure to check our other games like 8 Ball Pool and Block! Hexa Puzzle for PC and Mac now!

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