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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island – Thrive On A Deserted Island

Do you think you have what it takes to survive on a deserted island with nothing but a knife? Then, you should test that out in Ocean Is Home: Survival Island. Published by Birdy Dog Studio, it’s a casual simulation game where you play the role of a man who’s stuck on a deserted island. Your goal here is to survive. This would require you to look for food, build a shelter, craft various tools and weapons, and many more. It’s not going to be easy to do that since you’ll only have a knife, to begin with.

How To Play Ocean Is Home

Ocean Is Home is not like many simulation games out there since you won’t undergo a tutorial to guide you. But there will be some detailed instructions just before you start the actual game. You can use this time to read and understand what you need to do. When you actually play, it’s easy to figure out what you need to do in this first-person survival game. The gameplay is just like other survival simulation games where you have to make use of resources and survive.

Scavenge & Craft Items To Survive

In the beginning, you’ll only be armed with a knife. You can use it to get some wood from a tree or to kill an animal for food. There are certain kinds of stuff that you can pick up from the ground like stones, bananas, wood, and many more. The items you pick up can be used for crafting. You can craft tools, weapons, and even build a home. For example, to craft a storage box, you’ll need 50 pieces of wood, so you need to acquire it and then craft a storage box to put your excess item.

You just need to see what kind of materials you need to craft a certain item. You can also check out the map to see where you are on the island. There will be a boat and a car on the island, but you should use them sparingly since gas is limited.

Main Features of this Island Simulation Game

  • Craft different items, weapons, tools, and furniture
  • Hunt various animals for food and materials
  • Explore the deserted island and find ways to thrive

Make sure that you explore every nook and cranny because surprises are waiting for you. Get your free Ocean Is Home: Survival Island PC download now! Better yet, check out other simulation games such as Magic Rampage and ZENONIA® 5.

Ocean Is Home Beach Front
Ocean Is Home Beach House
Ocean Is Home Cut Tree
Ocean Is Home Waterfalls
Ocean Is Home Beach Front
Ocean Is Home Beach House
Ocean Is Home Cut Tree
Ocean Is Home Waterfalls




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