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About this Game

Who says Plants vs. Zombies is dead? More like the undead, given how EA runs the game. And, if you are looking for a refreshing take on the popular tower defense game, check out Plants vs. Zombies Heroes here! Now, you don’t just play with the plants. You can be the army of the living dead too! Who’s side are you on? Who will come out on top? The garden warfare continues to brew in this long-lasting series that captured the hearts (and delicious brains) of millions of people! Get the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes online download here.

Choose a Side in PvZ Heroes PC

You don’t just play with the plants this time around; you can become the zombies too! Participate in an outdoor battle where only one side between the monocots and dicots versus the brain-eaters can dominate.

A New Way to Play Tower Defense

It still retains many of what made Plants vs. Zombies famous, but this time, it has some new twists. There are now action points and hit points per unit, and turn-based moves to determine the battles. Think of PvZ Heroes on PC as the original game but with RNG.

Unlock Different Characters in PvZ Heroes PC

At the heart of the game are the heroes. Each side has its unique characters that make up the game. Plants have their own set of colorful and healthy defenders, while the zombies have wild and wacky hungry attackers. You can unlock them through the loot boxes provided by the game.

Kick Grass in Different Locales

You’re not stuck to just one backdoor. There are multiple places where the never-ending feud between plants and zombies happens. Of course, each map represents a different game mode. As of right now, there are some balance issues with some of the maps.

Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Features

  • Go on a different kind of PvZ Heroe Adventure with friends!
  • Collect all amazing heroes in the match
  • Build and enhance your skill to become a better character.
  • Earn exciting rewards in winning every battle with enemies
  • Enjoy all of these features for free with your family!

The land-based battles in Plants vs Zombies Heroes PC is surely something new in the TCG and CCG scene. It also blends a mix of classic concepts like automatically incrementing mana (present in Hearthstone, Duelyst, and plenty of other CCGs). Get your free game download now, or you can also check out other action or casual games such as Bistro Heroes and Gachaverse all for Free!

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