Puzzle Adventure: Solve Crimes
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Puzzle Adventure Solve Crimes - Investigate Stories & Solve Cases

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Being a detective is a fascinating experience until you explore the unfamiliar. Typically, exploring the nature of a crime is a much more scientific process. But what about exploring crime in the realm of the supernatural? You will do this type of adventure while playing Puzzle Adventures: Solve Crimes. This adventure game lets you embark on an immersive storyline that boasts so many twists and turns. If you want to start the adventure, download this game to start playing.

Puzzle Adventure Solve Crimes – Play as a Detective

Puzzle Adventure: Solve Crimes is a detective adventure game developed by Pixel Federation Games. The game takes you to a unique environment that follows an immersive storyline. In this environment, you will solve cases that deviate from mainstream detective games. You are not only limiting yourself to solving cases that include scientific hints. Instead, you will explore every detail happening in the supernatural world. This makes the game suitable for those fascinated by mysterious tales with detective elements. In the supernatural world, you can encounter monsters and enchanted objects that add to the layer of excitement.

You need to connect your findings and see patterns to uncover mysteries. Unlike the usual mystery game, you will not just solve ordinary cases here. You will encounter extraordinary things and analyze unusual logical riddles. Explore the interactive game environment and find hidden artifacts, treasures, and crystals. Investigate stories that need to be solved and find out their causes. This will only take you a short amount of time because there will be instructions while playing. Pave your way to becoming a detective and find clues in every detail you encounter.

Solve Cases & Logic Riddles

Puzzle Adventure takes you to an interesting game environment you will surely enjoy. You will enter a supernatural world full of perilous paranormal creatures and monsters, and hidden enchanted objects. The game is designed to keep you on your toes as you unravel spooky mysteries and escape from scary monsters. As you begin your journey, you will start solving murders and crimes. Your job as a detective is to investigate stories and solve cases connected to unique characters, monsters, or beasts. In this mystery puzzle adventure game, you will encounter werewolves, ghosts, terrifying events, and secrets.

Aside from that, you will also find hidden objects and treasures and escape from tombs. To progress in the game, you must collect energy, upgrade your camp, and uncover mysteries. Puzzles, riddles, and magical artifacts will also assist you in progressing. Explore stunning 3D environments, a supernatural world, and hidden tombs. Puzzle Adventure Solve Crimes also features various game modes.

Puzzle Adventure Game Features To Explore

  • Play a detective game that is not mainstream
  • Enter a game environment full of supernatural creatures
  • Unravel spooky mysteries and escape from monsters
  • Solve logic puzzles and find hidden objects
  • Travel through beautiful 3D locations
  • Start solving mysteries and crimes as you begin
  • Encounter supernatural creatures along the way
  • A stunning and interactive game environment

Download and play Puzzle Adventure Solve Crimes to start the detective adventure. For more adventure games to play, check out Death Palette and Ghost Case.




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