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About this Game

Another post-apocalyptic game comes to PC! Puzzles & Survival takes you to a zombie-ridden world where you have to search for survivors. But watch out, because the number of infected grows each day! Your quest is to lead every surviving human to safety. And to do that, you need to build and fortify your fortress to keep brain-eating zombies at bay.

Puzzles & Survival is a survival role-playing game where players are responsible for saving what’s left of mankind. Nothing is stopping the virus and it just keeps on spreading. Worse, the undead zombies are persistent to infect every remaining human alive! With humanity on the verge of obsolescence, are you up for the task? If you are, download and play Puzzles & Survival now.

How to Play Puzzles & Survival: Role Playing, Zombie, and Puzzle Game

Puzzles & Survival is not your typical zombie-shooting game. Rather, it is a strategy role-playing and a match-3 puzzle game merged into one! At the start of the game, you have to recruit and train your heroes to defend everyone from various threats around your fortress or sanctuary. You can go to Noah’s Tavern and recruit several heroes from there. However, zombies are not the only things you will be worried about in this game. You also have to watch your back against opportunistic people too!

Aside from that, you have to search for resources, rescue other survivors, and take them to the safety of your sanctuary. Furthermore, you can solve more mysteries along the way and build a firm encampment for all survivors. In Puzzles & Survival, the future of humanity is in your hands!

Puzzles & Survival: Key Features of this Strategy Game

  • Solve numerous puzzles to kill zombies.
  • Strategy and tactics are as important as your weapons.
  • A great mix of casual puzzle, strategy, and tactical war gameplay.
  • Innovative and thrilling post-apocalyptic experience!
  • Recruit heroes to help you with missions.
  • Craft and upgrade weapons to easily eradicate the world of the undead.
  • Establish a safe sanctuary for all your survivors and keep zombies at bay.
  • Forge alliances and fight alongside them!
  • Keep your eye out for potential threats—these could be zombies or humans.

It’s not easy being the sole hero of a zombie-infested world. And if you want to experience more zombie role-playing games like this, try Zombie Tsunami or Zombie Guard too!

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