Ramp Car Jumping
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Ramp Car Jumping – Reach Crazy Speed & Jump The Ramp

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If you want a fun, exciting, simple racing game, check out Ramp Car Jumping. It’s a stunt-driving racing game where your goal is for your car to reach its destination.

But unlike in a regular race where you drive your way there, you’ll try to reach it after jumping a ramp. You’ll race from the top to reach crazy speeds and jump off a ramp. From there, it’s all up to physics on how far you’ll travel in Ramp Car Jumping.

It’s a simple and unique game with its fair share of challenges. Let’s discuss all of these things when we talk about the features and gameplay of Ramp Car Jumping.

Race Off The Ramp & Smash into Ramp Car Jumping

You will have a simple goal in Ramp Car Jumping to reach the target location. Once you do that, the level is complete, and you move to the next one. As simple as that sounds, it’s not easy to achieve. This is because you won’t just drive and race your way there.

What you’ll do instead is race down and jump off a ramp. Your vehicle will use the momentum from the crazy speed and jump to glide as far as possible before landing.

But instead of racing forward after the landing, expect to see insane smashes as the ground is full of objects. Your vehicle will crash through these objects and tumble before stopping completely. But don’t worry since that’s the goal in Ramp Car Jumping.

Not only should you try to reach the target location, but you should also try to get there in style. This means crashing and tumbling your way to the finish line. The more you crash and smash in Ramp Car Jumping, the more bonus points you get. It also means more resources.

How Ramp Car Jumping Works

The gameplay of Ramp Car Jumping is very simple and easy. You click on the screen, and your car will automatically accelerate down the ramp. The track you’ll drive in is just a straight line, so you don’t have to worry about turning or switching lanes.

You will click, accelerate, jump, and let physics take over in Ramp Car Jumping. Though the gameplay is simple, reaching your goal is not. As mentioned above, there will be objects and obstacles along the way that will cause you to crash and impede your progress.

You also have to contend with a huge distance to cover in Ramp Car Jumping, which initially seems impossible. But you have to upgrade your vehicle to make it accelerate faster. You earn resources after every jump, and you use the resources to upgrade.

You can also upgrade the bonus points you can get. Ramp Car Jumping even has other vehicles for you to try. Just remember that upgrades become expensive whenever you do them.

Features of Ramp Car Jumping

  • Simple gameplay with challenging objective
  • A single-click gameplay
  • Experience crazy speeds and insane smashes
  • Upgrade your vehicle to make it go faster

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