Rivals at War: Firefight
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Hothead Games

Rivals At War Game - Form An Elite Team Of Combat Soldiers

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A unique and exciting action shooter game you can play is Rivals At War: Firefight online by Hothead Games. It’s a game where you’ll form and control an elite team of combat soldiers. You’ll use your team to find in various head-to-head battles and complete missions. You’ll play as the leader of your team and then lead them into a firefight, defeating all of your opponents.

It’s a unique and interesting multiplayer shooting game where tactics and strategies play an important role. Learn more about this fun game when we discuss how you’ll play Rivals At War for PC.

Use Powerful Tactic Cards & Complete Missions in Rivals At War: Firefight

What you’ll do most of the time in Rivals At War Firefight online is to complete missions. These missions usually involve head-to-head battles. You’ll form an elite team of combat soldiers, choosing from 6 unique soldier types. There’s the Commander, Medic. Radioman, Breacher, SAW Gunner, and Sniper. Each soldier will possess unique skills and abilities. You will only control the Commander while the others will move on their own.

To make sure your team will have a chance to win, you can upgrade weapons and your soldiers to make them stronger. Rivals At War also features powerful tactic cards you can equip for your team. These cards provide additional abilities or bonuses that can greatly help your team. Make sure you equip the right one that will work well with the team you have.

Assembling a Team of Elite Combat Soldiers in Rivals At War

Head-to-head battles will be the main thing that you’ll do in Rivals At War: Firefight. Whether it’s completing missions, or battling other players. You will always find yourself participating in combat with your soldiers. It means assembling a strong team of combat soldiers is important. You’ll have a starter team when you first play. Though it’s decent, it’s not going to be a strong team. You need to make sure your team functions properly.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean having all types of soldiers. But you have to make sure that your team in Rivals At War Firefight online is assembled with a purpose. It means each soldier plays a role and synergizes well with the strategy you’re using. You also have to make sure you upgrade your soldiers and weapons to make them stronger. Pay attention to the tutorial, in the beginning, to properly learn how you’ll acquire soldiers.

The Game Features of Rivals At War Firefight

  • 6 unique soldier types to use
  • Use powerful tactic cards to help your team during the battle
  • 7 different combat scenarios for you to battle on
  • Upgrade soldier’s skills to make them stronger
  • Complete all achievements and unlock special rewards

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