Scary Robber Home Clash
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Scary Robber – Play Pranks on Notorious Robbers

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Finding robbers inside your home can be a scary experience. But not for Brian in Scary Robber Home Clash. It’s an action game where Brian finds notorious robbers inside his home after he sneaked out of summer camp to go home. The robbers have been watching Brian’s home for a while and when they saw everyone leave, they took this opportunity to strike. But instead of an empty house, they’ll be in for a big surprise.

It’s a fun and interesting game, reminiscent of the classic Home Alone movie series. Let’s discuss the gameplay of Scary Robber Home Clash to know what you’ll do in the game.

Play Pranks & Foil the Notorious Robber’s Plans

Just like in the Home Alone movie, Brian finds himself alone at home with two notorious robbers. But instead of just being a scared kid and hiding, he decides to fight back, and you will help him do it. You will control Brian and play various pranks on the robbers to make their lives a living hell while inside the house. The goal is to make them uncomfortable and miserable enough for them to leave the house empty-handed.

It’s a fun and exciting action game where you will play different pranks. It can be as simple as switching the movies they’ll watch to more serious pranks like switching the battery on your dad’s car. The game also features many levels, each with unique pranks to complete. Just make sure you won’t get caught while doing the prank in Scary Robber Home Clash. You will fail the level and are required to repeat it.

How To Prank the Robbers in Scary Robber Home Clash

The gameplay of Scary Robber Home Clash is simple and easy to learn. The controls are straightforward so you won’t have trouble learning how to use them. Before you start the level, you’ll know what the objective for the level is. It will tell you the kind of prank you’ll do. And when you start, you’ll learn more details about what you need to do to perform the prank. You will usually start outside the house or the compound and go inside to area you need to perform the prank.

You just need to be careful when you walk inside as you don’t want to be caught. There’s usually a small cam to show where the notorious robbers are. When you see them, you just need to run outside to avoid getting caught. Scary Robber Home Clash is a fun and exciting game where you join Brian in his adventures and pranks on the notorious robbers who loot his house. Make the lives of these robbers more miserable!

Game Features of Scary Robber Home Clash

  • Many different levels for you to complete
  • Unique pranks to do at each level
  • Watch funny cinematics of how the prank plays out
  • Acquire tools to help you in doing your pranks
  • A simple but fun gameplay

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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