Shanghai Rummy
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Play Shanghai Rummy Online: An Exciting Game of Cards

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shanghai rummy download free
shanghai rummy full version
shanghai rummy download PC
shanghai rummy download PC free
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Card games are some of the most exciting types of games right now. It can boost your brainpower, force you to think more strategically and enhance your decision-making skills. One of these games is Shanghai Rummy, an old-school card game typically played by 2 to 4 players. But in this game, you’ll be playing against the game’s AI.

A Simple Yet Addictive Card Game

Shanghai Rummy is a card game by StreamWarez Gaming, where the objective is to win by having the lowest points or score. Each round gets more challenging, which will force you to use your brain to think of strategies that can help you win. It’s the perfect game for older adults who like to pass some time. Shanghai Rummy is very addictive, yet it’s so simple at the same time!

How to Play Shanghai Rummy

To play Shanghai Rummy, a dealer must pass eleven cards to each player, with the remaining cards forming a stockpile. The top card of the stock is flipped over and placed to the side to create the discard pile. A player can then draw from the stockpile and meld off their cards. The first meld in each round becomes increasingly difficult. All players must complete the first meld before melding other cards. The player that gets zero points wins the round. At the end of seven rounds, the player with the least score is the winner. Yes, it’s that easy!

Game Features

  • High-Quality Graphics
  • Smart A.I.
  • Easy Controls
  • Unlockable Treasures

Enjoy an exciting game of cards with your friends now. Play the Shanghai Rummy game on your PC for free! And for those who can’t get enough of virtual card games like this, there’s more to explore here at! There are various classic card games you can enjoy like Solitaire Arena or Passport Rummy – Card Game. Just download them here if you want to play these games on the computer.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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