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Skater Boy Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Skater Boy for PC | Download Skater Boy for Free, Skater Boy Online Tips

Are you looking for another platform to show off your insane tricks and flips? Become the beast in the skating arena in Skater Boy, an exciting online arcade game developed by MiniCard. Learning new tricks is made possible by practicing in this amazing game where you can throw a 900-degree spin and grind for many miles. Speed up, jump, perform an ollie heelflip, and land safely on your feet. Download Skater Boy today and get ready for some flipping adventure. If you need helpful tips on how to play the game, read on our article for great Skater Boy information.

Download, play, create cool tricks, and be the Skater Boy! Skate through the ramps at an insane speed, jump over the dangerous obstacles, and reach the astounding heights! Play all the 90 cool levels, and experience somersaulting on three different terrains. Spoiler alert! More levels will come your way for you to conquer!


Skater Boy Online Game Features:

If you’re looking for a fun and casual online game, play Skater Boy! Showing off its uncluttered visuals, you can enjoy the game as it is. Moreover, the game has several packs for you to unlock, so be sure to do well in your challenges. There are more fun features about the game so just read on below:


Slick 2D Graphics

If you want to do the famous tricks of Tony Hawk in a laid-back skating game, then Skater Boy is right up your alley. It’s an exciting 2D side-scrolling arcade game that features simple and cartoon-inspired scenes and graphics. So, if you want a quick game to pass the time, jump right into the game without waiting for a long time to load.


Exciting Gameplay

You have one goal to become a skilled Skater Boy, and that is to skate until the end of the level. Sounds so simple, right? But, the challenge is to collect blue stars and gain more ollies when you do tricks while avoiding the obstacles at the same time. So, to defy those obstacles, you have to show your hidden skating tricks. Jump, speed up and slide along the buses, graveyards, bushes, animals and many more! Collect as many coins as you can and try not to lose a life!


skater boy online


Unlock Skater Boy Three Packs

Skater Boy gives you plenty of levels to play with. It features 3 different packs for you to unlock and experience. Each of the scenes consists of 90 exciting levels which give you ample to master all the tricks and collect all the trophies. Are you ready to take on the challenge of getting a No Slam?


skater boy download


Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re a beginner in the world of skating, the Skater Boy online game is a good starter point to learn simple yet helpful tricks. Practice and master the kickflip, tail slide, noseslide, boardslide and many more to win the level!


Easy Game Controls

Playing Skater Board on your PC is easy because of its uncomplicated controls. Just press the left arrow on your keyboard to skate forward, slide and accelerate. On the other hand, press the up arrow to jump and do various tricks in mid-air.


Skater Boy Tips and Tricks:

Live out your fantasy of being an awesome skateboarder without endangering your own safety in Skater Boy. This game might seem all fun but you’re still required to practice your moves in order to get the high score. Want to know more? Read on below and learn the tips and tricks in Skater Boy:


Tricked Out

Blue stars are scattered everywhere in the game. Acquiring them will increase your points count. However, you can also earn more points by performing various tricks in mid-air. For example, you will have an additional 300 ollies by doing kickflip and tail slide. You will also get extra bonuses and rewards by successfully surmounting all the obstacles.


skater boy game pc


Beware the Checkpoint

In Skater Boy, you’ll be given 5 lives. It means you have the opportunity to win the level in 5 tries. But, if you lose a heart, you’ll go back to the checkpoint which is arduous. Losing all the 5 lives mean you’ll go back from the start of the level. Good thing though is that you can revive yourself by watching a short ad.


Go for the No Slam

If you went out on a skating run on a particular level and have never fallen off your board, not even once, then you’ll get the No Slam trophy. This could be challenging to achieve at first, but with enough time to practice (give you’ll have 90 levels each scene), you will eventually get it. Just aim for it, practice the tricks and have patience!

So what are you waiting for, download the Skater Boy online game today and you’ll definitely have loads of fun! We also have other games for you like Tiny Rails and A Girl Adrift! Check them out for your PC today.

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