Snakes and Ladders Master: A Classic Board Game with a Twist

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Snakes and Ladders Master

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About this Game

You don’t have to go up the attic and take out your dusty old Snakes and Ladders board game again. That’s because the classic board game is now available on PC! The new Snakes and Ladders Master game offers a brand new twist to a classic favorite that will certainly take you to a surprising challenge.

Snakes and Ladders is a game that is based on sheer luck and probably some skills in rolling the dice. You can now play it solo (against AI) when you’re alone and bored, but you can also play with your friends just like the good old days. It’s a game that will literally take you to ups and downs with every roll of the dice.

How to Play Snakes and Ladders Game

The game employs the same mechanics with the classic Snakes and Ladders board game. However, it offers a fun new twist to it. Check out how you can play the game on PC!

  1. You will start by clicking the dice to roll it.\
  2. The value of the dice you get will determine your movement. If the value of the dice is 4, then you get to move 4 positions forward. However, if the value of the dice is 6, the player who rolled the dice will get another chance to roll again.
  3. While moving forward, you’ll get to collect stars that can either pull you backwards or push you forward. Moreover, you will still get the classic traps and boosts, which are the snakes and ladders scattered throughout the board.
  4. Players will roll the dice in turns until someone gets to the 100th spot. The first player who reaches such is the winner of the round.

Game Features of the Free PC Version

  • Colorful graphics and entertaining gameplay.
  • Enjoy 2 game modes: Single Player and Multiplayer.
  • Offers the same classic Snakes and Ladder game mechanics
  • Comes with a new twist: Players collect stars to boost their place in the game.

Feeling nostalgic? Try your luck and bring back the best of your childhood memories with Snakes and Ladders Master! And don’t miss out on other free casual games that you can also play on PC like Solitaire and Gardenscapes. Get them for free here on!

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