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Play Board Kings & Roll The Dice Towards Your Victory

board kings move around city board
board kings move forward two times
board kings travel to friends boards
board kings select rolls booster
board kings defeat enemy steal stuff
board kings move around city board
board kings move forward two times
board kings travel to friends boards
board kings select rolls booster
board kings defeat enemy steal stuff

Dice and board games are two game genres that go perfectly well with each other. It’s even more fun when you play it with friends and family because these are games designed for multiplayer. One of these games is Board Kings, which offers a challenge you never knew existed. In this game, you need to roll the dice and see where it will take you. So, do your best to dominate in this online multiplayer game made for those who love a good challenge!

Ready, Set, & Roll The Dice

Board Kings is the perfect casual board game you can play with your friends or family through the internet. That’s why you should get Board Kings for PC to get a more pleasant experience on a bigger screen. Aside from that, Board Kings offers an unforgettable game experience where you can come out victorious!

You need to destroy your friends’ boards and build your own city while collecting coins along the way. Remember, your destiny depends on the dice you roll. Unlock new boards, visit your friends’ boards, and steal their stuff to become the most competitive player in Board Kings!

How to Play Board Kings

With Board Kings, you will enjoy the best dice game ever. To start, you will have to choose your character. After that, you will roll the dice on your board. Your character needs to jump depending on the total number that the dice gave you. After that, depending on where your character stopped, they can build various buildings and establishments. You can upgrade these buildings and collect more coins from them. Aside from that, you can visit other board games and steal from them!

When you visit another player’s board and you end up on a tile occupied by a police car. You will get arrested. You will have to roll a double to get free. But you also have the option to pay a certain amount to get you out of the prison. It would be better off to pay the fine instead of risk getting thrown in jail by taking your chances to roll a double.

The controls of the online Board Kings game are downright easy for everyone. At the bottom of the screen is the dice button and as long as you have rolls left, you can move around the board. If a building has a green arrow above it, then that means it is ready for an upgrade. All it takes to change your town are simple clicks, and you can do pretty much anything you want. You don’t even need cheat codes and glitches in Board Kings because it is such an easy game to play.

Board Kings – Casual Game Features

  • Unlock more boards
  • Steal stuff from other players
  • Build a board city
  • Collect stickers for rewards
  • Up to 20 multiplayer board games to play

Be the king of your own board in Board Kings. Download now and have never-ending happiness playing Board Kings with your friends! Or check out some other fun-filled casual games like The Sims™ Mobile and Goosebumps HorrorTown – The Scariest Monster City!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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