Super Adventure of Jabber
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Download & Play The Super Adventure Of Jabber For PC


If you are looking for a fun and awesome adventure game to play, then we have just the right game for you. It’s called Super Adventure of Jabber, and it’s an arcade adventure game that’s published by gameone. In this game, you play the role of Jabber who’s trying to take his hometown back after it was destroyed and invaded by monsters.

You go on various adventures that involve killing monsters while trying to search for your ancestral gem. You also collect gold and other items that can help you in your quest and take your hometown back.

How to Play Super Adventure of Jabber – Arcade Online Game

When you start playing, there will be a short tutorial that will teach you about basic movements and how to kill enemies. You can kill by throwing a hammer or by jumping on them. However, you will only have a limited number of hammers, so use them wisely.

Aside from walking enemies, some enemies will also come out of the sewer. You can choose to just ignore them and jump when they’re inside, or kill them with a hammer. Throughout the level, you will come across bricks that contain items inside. Usually, they’re gold coins or hammers, but they could sometimes contain potions and extra lives. Potions can help Jabber increase in size.

Upgrade Your Weapon To Survive More Levels

Coins can be used for upgrades. You can upgrade the hammer to increase how many you can hold, as well as the shield to increase the time you have a shield on. You can also upgrade the magnet so it can absorb coins and items for a longer period. The goal in each level is to reach the end, which won’t be easy since your path will be full of monsters. But with upgrades, you can surpass even the hardest of levels!

Game Features: Free Super Adventure of Jabber

  • There are 90 new levels for you to complete.
  • Six different scenarios to play on.
  • Amazing 3D graphics.
  • Simple and easy-to-learn gameplay.
  • Battle against 22 different monsters.

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