Super Jabber Jump 3
super jabber 3 download free pc super jabber 3 free full version

Super Jabber Jump 3: Enjoy This Classic Platformer Today

Super Jabber Jump 3 download free
Super Jabber Jump 3 download full version
Super Jabber Jump 3 download PC
Super Jabber Jump 3 PC free
Super Jabber Jump 3 download free
Super Jabber Jump 3 download full version
Super Jabber Jump 3 download PC
Super Jabber Jump 3 PC free

Playing classic platform games is always fun and satisfying. The main character usually goes on an adventure over different worlds trying to finish each stage to unlock new ones. The same goes for Super Jabber Jump 3. You play Jabber, who goes out on an adventure to recover a missing ancestral gem that was stolen from him by a monster.

Help Jabber bring back the gem by downloading Super Jabber Jump 3 on your PC today!

Get Set for a Jumping Escapade

This classic platform game by gameone brings a nostalgic adventure. If you’re a fan of the Super Mario Nintendo game, then you can picture out how this game works.
The concept of the game is simple: to retrieve the gem from the evil monster who stole it. However, there are underlying secrets as you go along. To find out more of the game’s secrets, it is best to try it out since uncovering hidden features is one of the satisfying aspects of playing platform games.

Having a fun storyline makes this game great for all ages. The puzzle-like setup of the game will keep your mind engaged as you plan your moves to avoid losing due to time constraints. The game will also not disappoint you due to its beautifully-designed levels. So just enjoy the game and face the challenges head-on.

How to Play This Classic Platformer

This classic platform game has simple controls but is more challenging than it looks. You must go through monsters and traps to be able to reach the end of each stage. To make it a bit more difficult, there is a countdown timer for each stage. To go through most traps, you can jump over them. For the monsters, there are those that you can jump on top of them to kill them off.

However, for those that would damage you if you jump on them, you must use your hammer on them. But make sure to be aware of the availability of your hammers as they are limited. As you run around the stage, you should collect as much of the coins floating around. Also, after each stage, you will be awarded gems that you can use to upgrade the power-ups that you may find lying around in each stage.

You have power-ups at your disposal like the hammer which you can use to throw at monsters. If you choose to upgrade the hammer, it will increase the max quantity you can have on you at a time. Moreover, this is one of the more important power-ups due to the fact that there are monsters you need to kill off with the hammer.

Another power-up that can also help you finish the game is the shield. For the duration of time, you will be invulnerable from dying when you get caught by traps or get hit by monsters. Upgrading the shield will increase its duration period.

Game Features That You’ll Love

  • Beautiful game visuals and sound effects
  • An exciting adventure with new puzzle elements
  • Play all 100 awesome levels that do not get any easier each time
  • Be creative and customize all props in the game
  • Meet the different monsters unique to each level

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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