Swamp Attack PC: Defend Your Home From Evil Creatures Now

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About this Game

Prepare yourself for the ultimate tower defense game as the iconic Swamp Attack from Outfit7 is now available for free on PC. Download and install the popular swamp-themed game straight to your PC and relive the exciting battle against hideous monsters out to invade your swamp.

Beat Countless Creatures in Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is a free-to-play game developed and published by Outfit7 in 2014. The game puts you in the shoes of a swamp owner out to defend his swamp from invading monsters. For you to fend off these hideous swamp beings, the game will provide you with an arsenal of upgradeable weapons and power-ups. Therefore, you need to have a balanced strategy and resource management to survive the hordes of monsters out to occupy your home.

Since its inception, Swamp Attack game has become one of the most-played casual games in the free-to-play game category, amassing millions of perfect score reviews and downloads.

How to Play This Amazing Game on PC?

To play this tower defense game on your PC, you need to download and install the game on your PC using the Games.LOL installer. Once you have the game installed, you can then begin your gun-toting quest to eliminate the various monsters in your swamp. You will be using a shotgun as your first weapon, followed by a dual Uzi after the first mission.

Swamp Attack PC is playable using the mouse of your PC. You can use the right-click to fire and the pointer to click on the power-ups to switch weapons. Since this game is score-based, you need to rack up a decent score to advance. To do this, you must perform multiple kills using your shotguns or dynamite. You will also unlock other powerful weapons as you progress further into the game such as Flamethrower, Alien Gun, etc.

Get set for an exciting monster-beating action when you play Swamp Attack online on your PC for free.

Expect These Exciting Game Features

Experience all these fun features when you play the game on PC:

  • More than hundreds of single -player and multiplayer levels to explore.
  • More than 30 weapons and explosives to use to fend off evil creatures.
  • A wide variety of Swamp Monsters with special attacks to beat.
  • Play quick missions for fast-paced enjoyment of beating various monsters.
  • Brilliant sound and visual effects

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Download Swamp Attack on PC

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