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Talking Tom Jetski 2

Outfit7 Limited

Talking Tom Jetski 2 Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Talking Tom Jetski 2 Game | Jet Ski Racing Game For PC


If you like playing the Talking Tom Jetski PC but find it lacking in something, then you will enjoy playing Outfit7 Limited’s sequel to that game. The game builds on the success of the first game and turns the sequel into an intense jetski racing game!

There’s no need to complete missions anymore or try to achieve the highest score. Instead, you now race against other characters and see who is the fastest. There are still obstacles that you need to avoid, but instead of getting destroyed, these obstacles will simply slow you down. You earn coins when you win and you can use these to upgrade your jet ski and beach house.

The Talking Tom Jetski 2 game also adds more characters to the mix. Aside from Talking Tom and Talking Angela, you can now unlock new characters and use them in the game!


Race Against Other Characters on Talking Tom Jetski 2 Game

The main feature of Talking Tom Jetski 2 play is that it is now a racing game instead of an endless running game. You won’t be competing for high scores or try to complete certain missions this time around. You are now racing against other characters to see who’s the fastest jet ski racer!

Obstacles are still present but they won’t destroy your jet ski, it will only slow you down. You still have to be quick enough to overcome these obstacles if you want to get ahead of the race! Get a free Talking Tom Jetski 2 download now to experience the thrill on PC.


Build Your Beach Home and Unlock New Jet Skis

Another feature of the Talking Tom Jetski 2 play is the ability to upgrade your jet ski and a beach home. The coins you earn during competitions can be used to upgrade your beach home. You can also win special chests that contain grand rewards such as diamonds and new jet ski models! You can use your newly acquired jet skis for new races. If you get duplicates, just use them to upgrade your current one. Try to earn enough duplicates to upgrade your current jet ski and make them run faster!


Unlock New Characters and Enjoy Talking Tom Jetski 2 PC!

The first game allows you to play only Talking Tom and Talking Angela. But in this sequel, you can choose to play the whole gang. Meet Talking Hank, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger! Just win races to unlock them over time. Experience this game on PC when you get a free Talking Tom Jetski 2 download now!

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