Tangle Master 3D
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Download Tangle Master 3D - Untangle the Knotted Ropes Puzzle Game

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Sorting is indeed an undeniable art style for patient players. It takes a lot of perseverance and care to make effective and step-by-step solutions to solve a difficulty. But what about sorting tangled ropes together? If you are interested and patient enough in a game like this, then Tangle Master 3D is for you. This game lets you solve a different kind of puzzle from the mainstream puzzle games you have seen in the past. This is not about finding a missing puzzle piece, but sorting a tangled rope.

Published by Zynga, Tangle Master 3D is a game you can play if you are bored and have a lot of free time. Though this game is not like other puzzles, it teaches you the same skills such as identifying sequences of patterns.

A Puzzle of Untangling Ropes

If you are already into playing color puzzle games, Tangle Master 3D bears some similarities to it. In the game, you will be sorting the tangled ropes of different colors in a careful step-by-step procedure. To unknot them easily, you have to mind the rope colors and match them accordingly. Just follow the standard way of how you usually untangle the rope. The first few levels are easy while becoming more complex in the latter part of the game.

In addition, there are levels where each rope is tied to its pin. Your task is to untangle the rope and untie it from the pin. Each successful untangle will automatically cut the rope. If you cannot untangle the rope, you will get stuck. This will result in slow progression in the game.

Optimize Your Limited Moves

The burden of playing Tangle Master 3D begins when you get stuck in more complex tangled ropes. This will eat up your time but that does not mean that you should let it be. In the game, being slow and using the time to observe the patterns of colors tactfully is an advantage. This is necessary because you only have limited moves. Every wrong move can derail the entire tangled rope. Just like as mentioned before, it will result in slow progression. So, you need to plan before planning your moves to make it worth it.

Fortunately, there are other options to help you if you get stuck in solving the tangled rope. There are plenty of boosters that can help you get out of a level. You can either cut the ropes or explode the locks to expedite your progression in the game. However, if you are into strategizing without the boosters’ help, you can take your time to observe the tangled rope until you solve it.

Tangle Master 3D Free Game Features

  • Colorful ropes that are connected to locks
  • Easy levels that will increase in complexity as you progress
  • Friendly and easy-to-touch controls
  • Boosters that will speed up progression in challenging levels
  • A minimalist lightweight graphics
  • Helps boost your analytical skills

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