The Grand Mafia
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The Grand Mafia - Conquer the Underworld as the Ultimate Mafia Boss

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In The Grand Mafia by Phantix Games, you have the opportunity to fulfill your destiny and become the most legendary Mafia Boss. In the aftermath of the demise of the revered Godfather, the Family finds itself at a crossroads, desperately seeking a resolute leader capable of forging a formidable alliance among the fragmented mafia gangs.

Your mission is to recruit talented individuals from the underworld, ranging from thieves to athletes and businessmen, in order to strengthen your crew. Steel yourself for a relentless struggle, seize control, and ascend as the untouchable mastermind poised to claim dominion over the vast expanse of the criminal underworld.

Uncover Secrets, Seek Revenge, & Rise as a Mafia Boss

Immerse yourself in an amazing story set in the Mafia World, featuring over 500,000 words of exciting plot twists. As an Underboss, you’ll build your reputation in the cruel underworld, encountering powerful rival families while uncovering the truth behind your father’s demise and seeking revenge.

Immerse yourself in thrilling Faction Events that transcend borders, forging connections with comrades hailing from every corner of the globe. The Grand Mafia embraces the power of community, tearing down language barriers through its innovative auto-translation feature, enabling seamless communication among players worldwide. Enlisting in a Faction bestows upon you a trove of exclusive benefits, including Faction gifts, invaluable resources shared by fellow members, enhanced protection, and amplified buffs. Collaborate and cooperate with your Faction to tackle various challenging events that require team effort. Many players have even found true friends and love connections within the game!

Experience the game’s unique Enforcer System, which boasts over a hundred Enforcers, each with their own intriguing backstory, skills, and attributes. To survive and become the ultimate mafia boss, you must strategically deploy different Enforcers with corresponding Associate types. Moreover, each Enforcer possesses their own unique Underboss Skills. Adapt your battle strategies and training techniques to thrive in the underworld.

Unleash Your Strategic Prowess & Dominate the Underworld

Interact with the beautiful Babes of The Grand Mafia through the Attractive Babe System and Private Club. Increase a Babe’s Favor by engaging in interactions and playing mini-games. But as you raise their Favor, you can unlock outfits and enhance their skills and talents. It can ultimately aid in your development and increasing your combat strength.

The game offers a variety of fighting styles, allowing you to challenge and test your strategic prowess. Engage in large-scale events such as the Battle for the City Hall, involving the entire city, as well as the Governor’s War, which encompasses multiple cities. Other events, like the Police Station Attack, require not only your strength but also cooperation and alliances. Employ all thirty-six strategies at your disposal to climb to the top and become the best in the city.

Embark on your journey as a Mafia Boss in The Grand Mafia and prove your worth in the dangerous and thrilling underworld. After that, build your crew, uncover the truth, and dominate the criminal world. So are you ready to seize power and leave your mark?

The Grand Mafia Game Features

  • Become a Mafia Boss and unite gangs
  • Recruit talented individuals to strengthen your crew
  • Experience an immersive story with plot twists
  • Engage in Faction Events and make global friends
  • Utilize the Enforcer System with unique skills
  • Interact with attractive Babes for development
  • Challenge your strategic prowess in various fighting styles
  • Participate in large-scale events and alliances
  • Use strategies to climb to the top and dominate

Ready to fulfill your destiny and become the ultimate Mafia Boss? Then join The Grand Mafia today and dominate the criminal underworld! So play now on PC or explore similar strategy games like Mafia City and City of Crime: Gang Wars on Unleash your strategic prowess and seize power now!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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