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About this Game

Tiny and the gang is back for more tactical military action in Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops! This game puts you back into commanding Tiny, the gung-ho soldier raring to go for more missions. Alongside three other specialists, Tiny and the squad are faced with a variety of objectives that only they can accomplish.

Here Come The Special Ops!

Much like the previous game, Tiny Troopers 2 brings back the four-man squad that you can control to complete missions. You can now pick specific soldiers who have their specializations in the battlefield. For example, the Gatling Gunner is exceptional in dealing with infantry, while the Grenadier is a hardy soldier who packs additional Grenades. Choosing the correct soldiers is important since some missions would require different approaches to complete. You can also arm your squad with the necessary weapon ordinances that they can use in a pinch.

Play with New PC Game Modes & Missions

Command Tiny and the team across perilous yet fun objectives. This includes intense rescue missions, sabotage, and target elimination. . Master your squad’s strengths to ensure you accomplish the task at hand.

Moreover, there is also a Zombie Mode that tests how far you can survive massive waves of the undead! Lock and load on the high-grade military weapons and blow away as many zombies as you can! Defeating waves helps you unlock new areas and allows your squadmates to join the fray. But as the waves get bigger, so does the danger!

Do you have what it takes to lead Tiny and the gang to victory? Download Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops on PC to find out!

Tiny Troopers 2 Game Features

  • Four-Man military squad action
  • Tons of awesome weapons and upgrades
  • Awesome missions to complete
  • Free to Play

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