Toddler games for 2+ year olds
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Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ-LLC

Free Toddler games for 2+ year olds - Basic Fun Education for Kids

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Not everyone has a good view of video games, especially parents. They usually think that video games make kids violent or it dumb them down. But that’s further from the truth since there are also educational games. Just look at Toddler Games for 2+ year olds, a casual simulation game that’s developed by Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ-LLC specifically for toddlers aging 2-year-olds and above. Moreover, it features many fun and simple mini-games that toddlers will enjoy.

But aside from being fun, these games are also educational. Therefore, your toddler will also learn a lot from playing it. Let’s discuss in more detail the Toddler Games, so you’ll understand why it’s a great educational game.

A Fun Simulation Game for Toddlers

As mentioned earlier, Toddler Games is an educational simulation game that can help 2-year-olds and above learn. The best thing about this simulation game is that the learnings they’ll teach will be fun and simple. For example, one mini-game will teach your kids about shapes, colors, and solving easy puzzles. Furthermore, your kids will be assisted by a cute dinosaur, which will make the game more fun and pleasant for them.

If your toddler gets bored with one game, don’t worry since Toddler Games feature many different mini-games for them to play. There are more than 650 different games that are designed for preschools and kindergartens. So, you won’t have trouble finding other learning games for your kids to play. They can learn about the alphabet, match shadows, solve engaging puzzles, and many more.

Teach Your Kids to Play Toddler Games

It’s simple and easy to get started with Toddler Games since it’s a game designed for preschools and kindergartens. When you start playing, there will be a video that will showcase the different games you can play. You can choose to skip that to head directly to the dashboard and start playing. When you click the play button, you’ll see the different mini-games available.

Just pick one for your kid to play with. Don’t worry since all of them will have a guide to help your kid understand better how the game is played. So, they won’t have trouble playing the game and following instructions. And since the games are also educational, these will help your kids learn. For example, one of the games is a sorting game where you sort things by size. Apart from that, there’s also an interactive puzzle game that’s easy to play. Overall, it will make learning fun and you can bond with your kids more.

Simulation Game Features Kids Will Love

  • More than 650 different games for preschoolers and kindergartens
  • Learn about the alphabet, how to sort sizes, how to match shapes, etc.
  • Make your kid learn about solving puzzles
  • Increase your kids’ cognitive skills with the various games available

You can see that Toddler Games is fun, but if you’re looking for more simulation kids’ games to play, then try Intellijoy Kids Academy or ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics. Both are fun educational games, which you can get for free here in




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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