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About this Game

Satisfy your insatiable need for speed with Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing from T-Bull the developer of the off-road sensation Racing Extreme. Rev up your engine and burn rubber in stunning high-definition 3D. Choose from a plethora of vehicles and compete against some of the best racers on the planet. Download the Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing game to your PC for free.


Highly Immersive Gameplay

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing is an astounding game that comes with the latest 3D graphics engine to provide an immersive gameplay experience. Compete in highly detailed locations against a diverse collection of bosses. Dominate the map by defeating the bosses controlling the Docks, Highway, Downtown, Little Asia, and the Suburbs.


Mod and Drive in Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing

The game features over 60 vehicles inspired by iconic designs of real-world speedsters. Players have the ability to tune and design the selected vehicle. As a result, players can freely exercise their freedom to design their own monster vehicle based on their preferences. In other words, if you are on a prowl for an exciting racing game then look no further.


The Good Cop and the Overlord

Another notable feature of Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing is the optional gameplay. Players can play as a good cop and bust criminals in a mode called “Most Wanted” or become the underground racing overlord by defeating all the bosses in the game. Either way, the intensity of the fast-paced gameplay experience remains the same. We have more racing games for you. Download Go To Town and Trial Xtreme 3.

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