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Have you always been the smart lad in your class when you were young? Then let us see how smart you are. With Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain? your mental muscles will surely be flexed, sometimes to the point that you will doubt your own smarty pants. Go ahead download your free Tricky Test 2 game to your PC.

Mind-Blowing Questions in Trick Test 2

Brace yourself for an intense puzzle-solving and facepalm-worthy moments as you fail to notice the out-of-the-box solutions. Finish all 111 puzzles under 120 minutes and you will be pronounced a genius! Do you have what it takes?

Most of the time, the solutions are not straightforward. In fact, if you won’t figure out the thoughts of the devs, you will end up taking half an hour solving a single puzzle.

Test Yourself, No Matter Your Age

Is your hair all greyed out? Or are you a genius toddler who happened to be capable of reading this? Then feel free to test your IQ with Tricky Test 2. As a bonus, you can also test your EQ with the social aspect of the game. Check out our collection of puzzle trivia games and you will surely find one or two that you will love like Word Snack – Your Picnic with Words and City 2048.

Tricky Test 2 Shake
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Tricky Test 2 Shake
Tricky Test 2 Levels
Tricky Test 2 How to Put
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