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Turboprop Flight Simulator - Experience the Thrill of Modern Aviation

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Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D by AXgamesoft is a 3D airplane simulator game that allows you to pilot various modern turboprop aircraft and drive ground vehicles. The game features both military aircraft and passenger airliners, enabling you to experience the thrill of flying in different environments. The game is designed to offer a realistic physics flight simulation experience, allowing you to test your aviation skills and knowledge.

Turboprop Flight Simulator – A Fun 3D Airplane Simulator

As you play Turboprop Flight Simulator on PC, you will choose from various aircrafts. You will witness military aircraft like the C-400 tactical airlifter from A400M Airbus, the HC-400 Coastguard search and rescue, and the C-130 military cargo plane. Passenger airliners like the RL-42 and RL-72 regional airliners are also available, as well as concept aircraft like the XV-40 tilt-wing VTOL cargo and the PS-26 private seaplane.

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D allows players to master the basics of aviation through training missions focused on flying, taxiing, takeoff, and landing techniques. There are also many varied missions to complete. With that said, it allows you to explore the plane’s interior in first-person mode and interact with various items like doors, cargo ramps, strobes, and leading lights. The game offers a unique feature where players can load, unload, and airdrop various supplies and vehicles using cargo planes.

Elevate Your Experience With Free Flight Mode

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D takes exploration to the next level with unrestricted free-flight mode and customizable flight routes on the map. Experience the thrill of taking off and landing on both improvised runways and airports while enjoying the dynamic time-of-day settings. With a range of diverse missions, the game provides endless entertainment for aviation enthusiasts.

Additionally, other game features include great 3D graphics with detailed cockpits for all the aeroplanes, complete controls, multiple control options, multiple cameras, and realistic engine sounds recorded from real airplanes. Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D delivers a truly immersive experience with partial and total aircraft destruction, enabling players to witness wing and tail separation and main fuselage breakage.

Also, the game’s expansive world features several islands and numerous airports for players to explore. It provides a variety of measurement units, including metric, aviation standard, and imperial, for airspeed, flying altitude, and distance.

Get ready to experience your PC’s ultimate turboprop flight simulator game today!

Awesome Turboprop Flight Simulator PC Features

  • 3D airplane simulator with modern turboprop aircraft and ground vehicles
  • Varied missions, first-person exploration, cargo loading, and free-flight mode
  • Detailed cockpits, realistic physics, complete controls, and multiple camera options
  • Realistic engine sounds and partial/total aircraft destruction
  • Several islands and airports to choose from
  • Measurement units in metric, aviation standard, and imperial

Ready to take to the skies? Get ready to experience the ultimate flying adventure with Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D on your PC! Get behind the controls of modern turboprop aircraft and ground vehicles, complete missions, and explore without restrictions. And if you’re looking for more simulation games, be sure to check out our website! Play now and satisfy your inner pilot. You can also check out Bus Simulator Indonesia and Airplane Pilot Car Transporter.




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