Utopia: Origin
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3.7 ★★
HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited

Utopia: Origin - Enchanting Open-World Adventure in the World of Beia

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Utopia: Origin by HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited is an enchanting open-world adventure game that immerses players into the beautiful and mysterious land of Beia. Upon waking up in this unfamiliar abyss, players are warmly greeted by Xiaxia, their guide in this new world. As the first adventurer to be recruited, they are entrusted with a manual and the promise of incredible adventures.

From Survival to Skyward Soaring – Unravel Utopia: Origin

Survival is the initial challenge, and Xiaxia warns of the dangers that lurk at night, including little demons and skeleton soldiers. To ensure safety, players must build their own campfire and house. Through a magical connection with the land, players discover newfound skills in chopping, mining, and carpentry. Gathering wood and stone, they construct a two-story building with the collective effort of fellow adventurers. As night falls and the mist surrounds them, the green-flamed demons emerge, but the protection of their home keeps them at bay. However, this is just the beginning, and grander adventures await in the future.

Once the house is built, the vast expanse of Beia beckons the players to explore its wonders. Before riding majestic dragons, they first tame ponies to venture deeper into the wilderness. Preparing horse feed and bonding with the wild horses become a delightful experience. As they ride into the unknown with the sun shining down, the players can’t wait for the day when they can soar the skies on dragonback.

Conquer Treacherous Lands as a United Team

The thrill of underground exploration intensifies as players equip themselves with mounts and weapons, eager to face the dangers that guard the treasures left behind by the creator gods. From islands to forests, deserts, and snow-capped mountains, the world of Beia is filled with monsters, dragons, and other Boss. Yet, the players stand side by side, ready to conquer challenges as a team. When they encounter a ruin guarded by a troop of menacing skeletons, an intense battle ensues. Overcoming the odds, they claim the treasure chest, and a healing gem becomes a valuable reward for their bravery.

One of the defining aspects of Utopia: Origin is its open-ended nature, allowing players to play in their own unique way. They can climb remote ruins, sail to romantic heart islands, and even take on formidable foes like dragons. However, amidst all these extraordinary experiences, the game emphasizes the importance of friendship and shared joy. The call to find more friends to enjoy these adventures together is an invitation to create lasting memories and forge strong bonds in the world of Beia.

Utopia Online Game Features

  • Open-world adventure in the beautiful land of Beia.
  • Build your own house to survive against night creatures.
  • Learn various skills like chopping, mining, and carpentry.
  • Explore the vast world and tame ponies before riding dragons.
  • Face dangerous monsters and claim valuable treasures.
  • Play your way with diverse activities and challenges.
  • Form friendships and enjoy adventures together with others.

Embark on an epic adventure in the enchanting world of Utopia: Origin for PC! Build your dream house, tame wild creatures, and conquer dangerous foes. Experience the underground exploration and forge unbreakable bonds with fellow adventurers. Don’t miss out on this immersive open-world experience! Play now on PC and discover more action-packed games like GunboundM and Lost Light – Claim Secure Case on Games.lol.




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