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Girls’ Frontline

Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

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About this Game

Who runs the world? Girls! At least, that’s according to the great Queen B. However, Girls’ Frontline would have you believe it even more. This cute, anime-style strategy RPG game will have you commandeering a squad of femme fatales (referred to the game as T-Dolls), as you run and gun your way to restoring order in a world plunged into darkness and chaos.

What Makes This Different From Other Gacha Games?

There are tons of gacha games that can ruin your laifu with waifus, but there are a few things that separate Girls’ Frontline from all the others. Here are just a few things that you will find in the game:

Unique Customization

Straight off the bat, Gacha fans would immediately notice that Girls’ Frontline has a lot of features and mechanics that are not commonly found in Gacha games. Instead of cutesy dresses and make-ups, you can customize your T-Dolls and equip them with a range of classic firearms—going back to the WWII era! Aside from that, you can dress up your T-Dolls with funky costumes and home decors so they can fight in comfort and style.

Free-to-Play Fast-paced Gacha

If you’re worried about the grind, fear not. Girls’ Frontline is very well-paced and you won’t find yourself waiting for resources or stamina to roll for more characters. The characters that show up in the game are colorful and unique, without being excessively gated behind paywalls. It’s a very friendly game for free-to-play players.

Best Story Plot

Apart from all that, Girls’ Frontline features an amazingly deep and surprisingly somber story. Don’t let the overt cuteness distract you; the plot will hit you right in the feels if you open yourself up to it. Few Gacha games accomplish this RPG-like level of storytelling!

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