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Valkyrie Connect

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About this Game

Do you want to travel into a world inspired by mythical Norse mythology? Valkyrie Connect PC lets you in on an epic adventure to fulfill your destiny of saving the world. So if you want to try out this game. Then head on to Valkyrie Connect Reddit. Because it is where you can find awesome tips and tricks on how to conquer the Norse underworld.

The game revolves around the story of our hero, trying to save the world. Witness many battles and story scenes in this fast-paced, free-to-play game. In Valkyrie Connect, you get to be one of the legendary heroes of Valhalla and take on evil villains.


Amazing Key Features

As you dive into the fantasy world of Valkyrie Connect, you can collect as many unique and legendary characters. Then unlock mythical creatures you need to conquer the dastardly villains. And each character has unique and distinct personalities. They have different strengths and weaknesses that you can use according to your gameplay.


Claim Your Valkyrie Connect Power

Every player needs to power up their tank in order to proceed to the next level. Powering up your tank could also allow you to get additional gear and have it customized according to your game.


Take On Legendary Valkyrie Connect Heroes

You can battle alongside players in real-time to defeat massive bosses. And this is probably the best feature of the Valkyrie Connect game. Creating strategy combinations that will quickly annihilate the enemy has never been this thrilling and fun.


Heart-Pumping Graphics and Music

The game’s anime-style graphics look amazing along with its cool special effects. All the characters have their very own portrait as each hero has a 3-D model in combat.

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